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sadly, the guy who cut my hair didn't look anything like thisThe main drawback with trying out different hairdressing salons around the place is that you have to go through that incredibly painful "so, what do you do... blah blah blah... pointless conversation" conversation each time with somebody new and you don't get to train them that you're not really that interested in random chatter.

And as of this evening I can no longer claim that I've never had my hair cut by a fellow 'mo. Sadly, probably not the 'mo I would have chosen (not even the 'mo I would have chosen from that salon), but you get what you're given when you're a walk-in.

I've been umming and ahhhing about getting my hair cut for a few days... It's been a while since it was done, but on the other hand I'm going to Melbourne in just over a month, so part of me wondered if I could manage to hold off until them and have the full pre-travel hair extravaganza... but it really was getting to that "urgh" stage, but I wasn't sure how best to squeeze it in since I didn't really want to do it after work tomorrow.

After some mental "should I, will I, could I" gymnastics I just decided to do a walk-in to one of the salons near where I drop off my dry-cleaning... a bit chi-chi fru-fru uberhomo, but from what I've noticed wandering past, they do seem to have a range of clientele.

So I dropped off my work pants and rolled on in... I then had to kill ten minutes, which I think was probably more like 20, because once I'd killed 10 outside the salon, I'm sure I sat around for another 10... because I know it was 5pm when I headed back and 6pm when I got out, and I'm sure it didn't take an hour for the actual haircut.

Eventually one of the random salon girlies took me off to wash my hair... unfortunately I didn't get the pleasure of having the hot little bi-racial (I'm guessing Eurasian, but I'm not sure) salon-bitch boy wash my hair for me.

Other than the aforementioned pointless conversation stuff, the haircut itself wasn't too bad (even if the chair I was in did seem a little high)... although I don't know if it's because I'm not used to having a guy cut my hair, or if it was just this guy in particular, but he was somewhat rough with the general hair pullage. Nothing I couldn't handle, but occasionally I just wanted to smack him. In his favour, there was actually that hairdresser/customer dialog going on (about the actual haircut I mean)... I told him one thing, he countered with something that he though would look better, I generally don't really care that much so I just let him do whatever.

After he'd finished he managed to blow loose hair all over both my jacket and the aforementioned HLBRSBB (you'll work it out eventually), which isn't a big deal, but does seem to denote a lack of forward planning... I'm also not sure that I'm a fan of the product he put in afterwards, supposedly the "matt" (or "mattifying", but I'm not sure that's even a word) stuff is better, but it just makes my hair feel dry and a bit ick. Doesn't really matter though, since I'm going to have a shower shortly to wash off all the loose hair.

On the plus side, it wasn't as expensive as my last haircut, although I'm pretty sure it was more expensive than my old salon... and it is fairly conveniently located. On the downside I'm easily distracted by pretty mini-'mos and that could end badly...

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james said...

Yani, you're the third person (incl myself) I know who had a haircut today. It must be the season...

Tom said...

I really shouldn't speed read.

I read the first three paragraphs and missed out the bit about the dry cleaning, so as far as I knew you were having your first homo-on-homo hair cut and then you dropped your work pants.

Don't worry, I re-read and clarified! :P

yani said...

James: Alternatively, it's just because it was late night shopping ;)

Tom: Yes, it does serve you right for speed reading. Plus it wasn't my pants that I would have liked to see dropped :P


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