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boys in the bathSometimes everything feels like it's very hard work and other times it all just slips into place... computer accessories start working again, you run into people you know.... that kind of things...

Last night, what with it being Valentine's Day and all, I figured I would take myself off to the sauna, get some "V-Day lovin"... which turned out to pretty much be the right plan I think.

When I walked in the door, Marc was just getting his locker key... now, I think I can probably count on one hand the number of times that I've had somebody already being served when I get there... but the fact that it was Marc, well, I figured that it either boded well, or alternatively there was a complete and total disaster of an evening in the words...

But we chatted while he was getting served, and then again in the locker room before we went our separate ways.

I wasn't honestly sure which way the night was going to go... Valentine's Day, anybody that didn't have plans (ie was single) but wanted a bit of action, so the joint did seem to be busier than I've seen it in a while, but by the same token there didn't seem to be much going on (that happens sometimes on busy nights, everybody is so distracted because there are so many "choices" there that they never get around to making a decision).

Eventually I found myself back in the steam room... and who should be in there but Marc... I swear though, that boy has NO concept of "correct time and place", and the steam room isn't really the place to get all chatty and giggly. One thing I did notice was that he seemed to be very tactile and flirty... never a bad thing, but he's kind of kept himself at a little bit of a distance since we had The Conversation... so, of course, I wasn't resisting in the least. I did drag him out of the steam room after a while, partially with the thought of some spa time, but also because we'd completely destroyed the mood in the steam room. But he wanted to go off one way, I went off the other with the intention of coming back, but the spa was full of people so I changed by mind and did the "circuit wander".

Fast-forward to a while later and Marc was in the spa all by himself as I went past, so I jumped in to join him. I won't say that I had a definite plan regarding Marc, but I kinda figured I'd "push my luck" and see what happened... turns out that it was a good plan... helped, as I mentioned before, that Marc seemed to be very flirty (actually that was mostly why I HAD the plan).

Anyway, we were rolling around in the spa and chatting and being obnoxious and whatever, and Marc was sitting on my lap, which I will admit was nice, but wasn't actually doing anything FOR me (you know what I mean *waggles eyebrows inappropriately*) and he was avoiding letting me anywhere near his neck (which is pretty much his trigger spot)... but then, for whatever mental reasoning he used, he just turned his head to the side and let me (in his words) "ravish his neck". Suddenly it was just ON... full on, full snoggage, full frontal, you name it, it was full...

It was all somewhat similar to the last time we rolled around in the spa together, but a little more varied...

I did manage to control myself enough not to leave a mark on his neck (since he's more about the mouth action than the biting/marking)... he, on the other hand, had no such control issues, so I'm sporting a rather nice little mark where my shoulder and neck meet (which I have no problem with at all).

I have no idea how long we were rolling around during the playtime portion of the spa, but it was quite a while, and honestly, what with all the kissing action and just general stress relief, it was just what I was in need of.

Once we were finished though, everything got a tiny bit nostalgic...

Marc was still sitting on my lap when we were joined in the spa by somebody else (actually we'd been joined a few times, but we'd either "scared" them off or they'd just left for whatever reason)... and I didn't recognise him at first, but Marc launched himself across the spa to give this guy a hello hug and I realised that it was Seb. Seb and I used to be, well I'm not sure "friends" is the right word... "acquaintances and occasional fuckbuddies who spent a fair amount of time with each other" is probably more accurate, if a little wordy. Seb is also the person I went to Maslin's (the nude beach) with (the only person I've ever been to Maslin's with actually). And we had something of a falling out, nothing explicit, but we just stopped talking to each other, and I don't think we've spoken until he got in the spa.

Anyway, Seb and Marc and I were all chatting, and then Ginger Bear came up to the side of the spa and was talking to Marc (because Marc is quite literally one of those people who just knows EVERYBODY, so seems to anyway). And Ginger Bear is somebody that I had a tiny little fling with once upon a time... memorable, but I've had pizzas that lasted longer... so suddenly the spa was starting to look like I was being haunted by the Ghosts of Hookups Past... and then Ginger Bear wandered away... but he came back and joined us in the spa, and it really was Nostalgia City (although I'm pretty sure that Marc had "had" everybody in the spa too, but I might have to ask him about that... I don't think that Seb and GB had done the wild monkey with each other, but I could be wrong).

So we just chatted and Marc flitted between the three of us for a bit, then got out of the spa, but me and Seb and GB just sat around chatting about clothes and kitchen gadgets and pool cleaning and getting locked out (of the place you're housesitting) while you're naked (Seb really isn't a shy boy, for all that he doesn't have a lot to show off)... until eventually I was being crowded out by these two far less interesting daddy-types that had joined us in the spa, so once I made the move to get out (which was something of a struggle once gravity took hold of me again... less fun after floating around in the water for about an hour) the other two joined me.

And because this is the way these things go, Marc happened past just as we were getting out, and he was calling it a night, so I figured I might as well split too and after all four of us stood around gasbagging in the locker room for a while, and then Marc and I did some random chatting and low level flirting with the guy working the reception desk, we headed off into the night (and opposing directions).

So I'd say that was a pretty good result for Valentine's Day, wouldn't you?

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