photo friday: rainy haircut friday

meet horatio... given what's going on in the world currently it seemed both appropriate and slightly tasteless to post a shot of one of the mall's little piggiesOkay, let's get down to it while my sugar rush is still in effect...
  • Yes, that would be a slightly inappropriate photo (given the current overhyped "Swine Flu" situation) of a pig statue... his name is Horatio (which is a fine name for a pig I think) and he's one of the four bronze pigs in Rundle Mall... but don't hate him because he's porcine. Sadly I didn't get a chance to take the shot yesterday when some wag had fitted all four pigs with surgical masks... amusing, yet predictable.

  • My computer monitor was being very, very evil this morning... it kept flickering randomly and I was fully expecting it to not be working when I got home (even though it's been switched off all day) or to die shortly thereafter... it seems to be fine at the moment. However if the blog "goes dark" (I love that expression) over the weekend it's because my monitor has keeled over with it's legs in the air (and not in a good way). Thankfully my Tech Support (ie J) is back from London, so if it does screw up it shouldn't be screwed up for long.

  • I spent almost the entire day at work today either writing, editing, re-editing or discussing a series of emails. Seriously. I don't think I did a single thing all day that wasn't directly related to email. On the up side I got to be very evil and bitchy in an official and appropriately businesslike manner. I love that.

  • Sugarmonkey things that I'm too violent just because I often talk about wanting to beat the snot out of people. Stupid Sugarmonkey, remind me to smack him upside the head on Monday, he has no idea what he's talking about. Mostly. Okay, just shut up will ya.

  • I flirted with the very cute, chubby and kinda homo boy at Boost again. His name is Joshua. I want to strip him naked except for his little Boost visor and do unspeakable things to him. Boost Juice products may or may not be involved.

  • Even when they're giving me a hard time I love the people I work with, they make me laugh.

  • The main problem with breaking in a new hairdresser is that you have to break in a new hairdresser. They don't know your shorthand, they don't do thinks exactly the way you like them done, they forget to ask you things or they ask you too many annoying personal questions. It's all very irritating.

  • I mean my hair looks okay (short and blond, how badly can you really screw that up), but she lost serious points by a) not actually asking me what colour I wanted and just assuming that it was the same as last time (Tink never did that no matter how many times we did my colour the same) and b) not having the other little girly wash some random dude's hair so that she could finish off styling my hair after she'd gotten said girly to wash the colour out of my hair. Very bad time and efficiency skills.

  • I'm seriously considering finding a new salon. Like really seriously, and I've been going to this same place on and off for the last fifteen or so years (of course then I have the problem that a new place wouldn't even have my extensive history on file).

  • That's twice now that I've had the Universe prevent me from getting a steak roll thing at Nandos... the first time the girl screwed up my order, today they didn't have any steak. Stupid Nandos.

  • To the trailer trash woman in the food court: Don't tell me how to talk to a child when you can't discipline your own children effectively. Okay? Thanks.

  • To the guy on the bus: Dude, your girlfriend is either cheating on you or else she's not really that into you but is hanging around until something better comes along. Seriously did you not notice that while you were attempting to paw at her during the bus ride she was texting people on her mobile, putting her phone away in her handbag, brushing her hair, getting out her umbrella and just generally doing everything she possibly could that didn't involve touching you.
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Victor said...

a new place wouldn't even have my extensive history on fileGosh, it never occurred to me that people would have files and a history at their hairdressers.

All I do when I go to the barber is sit down in the chair and say 'zero cut all over, please'. Five minutes later, I'm out of there.

The Mutant said...

Breaking in a new hairdresser is the worst, and the trial and error thing of finding a new salon can be painful. I hope if you do decide to switch that it all goes well for you!

I didn't ebven know Nandos did steak - I want steak now.

Oh, and if you can manage it, take a photo of your Boost-Boy. Sounds like he might be worth trying something healthy for after all.

yani said...

Victor: When you've been every variation of a "natural" hair colour (and pushed the boundaries on one or two others), and had more styles than you can shake a stick at, they tend to keep a record of stuff (although I think it's more the colours than the cuts they record)

Mutant: They just do the one steak thing, which is kind of annoying because I really want to try it.

Also, what do you want me to say to Boost Boy, "Hey stand still so I can take your photo to post on my blog"... somehow I don't think so... :P


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