wednesday update

the way to spare oom in the land of war drobe black and gold
Lordy... what a couple of days!

Nothing major really, just a lot of little tiny things.
  • Had a brief sulk yesterday morning when it looked like I might have had to go and help run a training session. Fortunately it never eventuated.

  • Spent several hours trying to track down on tiny little error on a website. In the end we just deleted the page that was causing it.

  • Became the proud owner of five new jockstraps in red, baby blue, gold, black and army green (thank you International Jock and your timely delivery service).

  • Last night I deposited my old teevee/VCR (complete with arial and remote control... coz I'm nice like that) and busted computer monitor out on the curb before we went to the movies (Hard Rubbish's collection is visting North Adelaide again this week). By the time we got home from the movies the teevee and VCR were gone (so swiftly did they take them that they lost the battery cover from the remote)... and when I left the house this morning the monitor was gone.

  • Due to the teevee/VCR (and more recently the busted monitor) taking up space on the end of my dresser for the past *cough*fouryears*cough*, I'm now going to be able to see my reflection when I'm sitting on the little red sofa in the living room... could be a little confronting or give me the shock of my life when I'm not expecting it.

  • Went to a Writing for the Web briefing session this morning that was very informative and interesting... I will say that because it had been directed (I think) at marketing and communications groups, there was a high proportion of homo in the room. Sadly I only realised that when we were on the way out since my group sat at the front.

  • Had a brief meeting this afternoon and realised that the woman I thought was my former Total Bitch Supervisor may actually have been a completely different person who I worked with in the building at some stage... whoops. They do look eerily similar though.

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