lots and lots of shopping bagsCrap... the flickering screen is back. It was fine this morning, but it's all intermittently fucked up now... grrrr...

It's kind of been a big shopping day. But that's what happens when Ma and I don't go shopping for a couple of weeks... chaos ensues...

We started off fairly normally with a slightly understated Supermarket Safari... then moved on to browsing Red Circle Boutique... which is where things started to get all shoppingy.

Ma tried on some clothes (some good, some bad), I found a new bedspread (very cool, blue and green and has the word "play" in giant letters across it and the play arrow like you get on recording devices... cheeky but fun), I bought a couple of things for Ma for Mother's Day (even though she doesn't DO Mother's Day, I figured what the hell). Then when we got to the register, happy, happy times... turns out that while my quilt cover was marked at $89 and had a further sales sticker of $71, it was in fact only $56... woohoo!

Then after coming back here for Ritual Unpacking we headed off to Marion, in theory to see if we could track down a fitted sheet and additional pillowcases for my new quilt cover. But with some other plans in mind too.

Most of which worked out quite well... I picked up a couple of additional pairs of knee high striped socks from one of those slightly dodgy "middle of the shopping centre" stalls, found a slightly styleless "sleeveless pullover" (ie I think it's technically a sweater-vest) to wear to work, Ma found a really nice fitted waistcoat, I nabbed some DVDs to either give her for Mother's Day or her birthday or some combination of the two and found the complete Dilbert animated series for myself (although slightly panicking now because it says it's NTSC format... but I think Stu can make that go away if absolutely necessary)... and in addition I also found an appropriately coloured (more or less) fitted sheet complete with two pillowcases on sale. Woohoo.

I also developed a slightly odd craving to have a wristwatch again. I haven't worn a watch in forever... mostly because I have my mobile which tells me the time, but I've just never really felt the need. Plus I can seldom wear any kind of bracelet for long (with the exception of my Livestrong one)... so I don't know how I would go with not only remembering to put a watch on in the morning, but keeping it on during the day and then remembering to put it back on when I inevitably took it off. And of course I can almost always pick the most expensive item in any lineup, which I did on and off every time we were checking out watches.

It was only after we were heading back to the car that we realised we hadn't looked at new sneakers for Ma... nor had we been able to make a decision about getting something to eat. We ended up taking care of the eating thing by going to the Orange Spot Bakery at Glenelg (again), and while we were there I had a brainwave and suggested we go to Harbour Town to look at shoes.

We pretty much did what we usually do at Harbour Town, wander around and not really look at very much, but we did find some slightly diva/bling walking sneakers, even if the salesman was just that little bit patronising and condescending. And nowhere near as pretty as the other guy who worked in the store (or the tall skinny friend who came to visit him while we were there), so that was unfortunately. Sadly the very nice and sinfully cheap leather jacket (that probably wasn't leather, but felt like it was) didn't fit me... if only they'd had the next size up! There was also much looking at watches, some nice some very ordinary before there was much consumption of Baskin Robbins... mmm Peanut Butter and Chocolate (which is very weird, because I LOATHE peanut butter, but I love it when it's mixed with chocolate, go figure).

Then we came back here and watched Heroes, because Ma wasn't sure that she'd taped it, and I didn't get a chance to watch it last night. Just like old times really...

So yes... my plastic definitely got a workout today! I mean my credit cards ya perverts... *grin*

And the screen flickering SEEMS to have stopped... very weird...

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