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california boy - mel robertsOkay, so it should be no surprise by now that it's bloody buggery hot here in good old Adelaide... and that since I don't have any kind of refrigerated air-conditioning, I am now, and have been for the last week, at varying degrees of overheatedness...

However it doesn't explain why my apartment just refuses to take a cool breeze in.

Last night once the sun went down it got quite windy and deliciously cool outside... I'd opened the house up at about 6pm and had the fan in the doorway (as always)... but the cool stayed out there and the hot stayed in here. Rudeness!

And it's not like the house was only open for a couple of hours, I ended up watching the final two episodes of Cycle 8 of America's Next Top Model (thank god the insane Russian chick DIDN'T win... but really, she should have been kicked out in week one) at the new and insane timeslot of quarter to midnight... which of course meant that I was up until about 2am... and there was wind, there were curtains blowing, the whole deal... but my house wasn't particularly cooler. Slightly, yes... but I would have expected a whole lot more.

I know that my place, being all 60's double-brickness takes a while to heat up to this insane level, and consequently takes an equal amount of time before it cools down again, but I would have thought that the lounge room would have been okay, even if the bedroom remained reminiscent of a clay oven (the walls were still very warm to the touch at midnight).

Part of me did consider going off to the sauna today... not for the very hot steam rooms obviously, but for the aircon and the running around fairly naked and the pool (okay, mostly the pool)... but I currently have no libido, so there really wasn't much point.

My computer also hasn't been coping all that well with the heat... it's a combination of things... partially because the computer is in the bedroom and the bedroom is by far the hottest room, so the little fans have trouble cooling things down when all they have to work with is hot air. Added to that is the fact that the heatsink hasn't been cleaned since J was here last January...

So this morning I figured that I would take the dust bunny by the ears as they say, pull the cover off the PC and take a poke around inside. Good in theory, not so great in practice. I mean, obviously I didn't blow anything up, because I'm typing this right now... and yes, I did manage to remove some of the tiny wee dust bunnies living in the heatsink... but I remember last time that J took the heatsink all the way out of the computer (I think he actually washed it to be honest). And while I got the little fan off the top of it no problems, I poked and I prodded and I pulled and I pushed... but there's a big metal strap across the heatsink holding it in place, and I could not for the life of me work out how to undo it.

In the end I just blew on it a few times, wiped as many bunnies as I could out of the machine, screw the case back on and called it a day. Stoopid J living on the other stoopid side of the stoopid planet! When he eventually comes back again I'll have to get him to show me how it's done...

On the upside, although the computer is probably on the far side of "appropriately warm", I've had it on pretty much all day (which I haven't done for the last week or so) and it isn't making that "working too hard" wheezing noise it had been making.

Okay now that I'm thinking about it maybe the house did cool down a touch, at least this morning (the sun is currently hitting the bedroom wall, and that never ends well)... I switched the evaporative cooler off so I could hear the computer fan once I'd plugged everything back in and turned it on... and then forgot it wasn't on, so it couldn't have been THAT hot.

OH YES! I just this second checked the Bureau of Meteorology website (bless you BOM)... while the forecast for next week isn't stellar (high 30's all week, although it's dropping about a degree each day... even if the likelihood of it sticking to that is slim to none)... next Saturday is supposed to be 30°C... but even better... next Sunday, 25°C... WOOHOO!

Now if only this coming week had been my last week at work rather than the week just gone... *sigh*... but at least now there's an end in sight, I always cope better knowing that I can see the finish line on something like this.

Speaking of my last day at work... it suddenly occurred to me this morning that discounting the week off at Christmas I've been working solidly since the beginning of September (two months with the Procrastination People, three with The Nut House), and before that I'd had the stretch from the end of April to the beginning of July... so my brain is definitely wired for the working right now, and some part of me was assuming that I was going to be getting ready and going to work tomorrow morning. So while I know that I'm going to sit around and do as little as possible tomorrow (given the ongoing heat) I did have a brief "what am I going to do with myself this week" thought earlier in the day.

And it always amazes me how small the world can be when you're looking at things online, and how sometimes you're just supposed to find people. I followed one of the blog recommendations through Google Reader on Friday night... found a link on one of them to the blog of a guy I recognised from photos I've seen of him in various places... then this morning I discovered the same guy had opened a profile on one of the websites I use, which also had a link to his blog. So obviously I was meant to find it... Weird...

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