unconscious mutterings 292

I thought today was going to be okay... I mean, I had some slight jitters about the whole "new contract, new people, new location" thing, but nothing worse than usual... and then when I get back from my walk I find a little "time bomb" (not a real one obviously) sitting in my letter box that has thrown my whole day and mood off...

Unconscious Mutterings, sunconscious smutterings...
  1. Groceries :: Saturday
  2. Deodorant :: Chocolate (its the flavour of my current brand)
  3. Psychic :: Powers
  4. Cherries :: Red
  5. Spooky :: Halloween
  6. Yogurt :: White
  7. Kitchen :: Counter
  8. Nothing personal :: The story of my life
  9. Be nice :: No, I don't want to...
  10. Delivery :: Service

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