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Saturday, September 20, 2008

free stuff rocksBless you Andrew...

But more on that in a second...

Today was equal parts of successful and disorganised, but I think it all came out on the plus side...

Adventures in Groceryland was somewhat brief and rather cheaper than usual... I guess because I've been working, I've been less cooking/creating orientated and so my cupboards are pretty full, so really it's just the fresh stuff and any other bits and pieces that I run out of that I needed.

After the usual wanderings, the purchase of some socks in Red Circle (which meant being served by a boy with a pumpkin for a head who was about 12 if he was a day and who, given his voice, had to have his testicles somewhere up in his neck), a brief side trip to the Honey Man (I love the Honey Man... well, the Honey Man's store anyway, it's a bit crap, but the honey is fantastic) and the usual unpackingness, we headed into town for a couple of things...

This is where the blessing of Andrew comes in.

Because Andrew mentioned picking up some of the cheap Penguin classics one of our stops was Borders to see if they had them... which they did, a huge rack of them in fact... score! And I picked out three, A Clockwork Orange, On The Road and The Picture of Dorian Gray (which was really the only one I was intending to get... and it's interesting because I've always assumed it was The PORTAIT of Dorian Gray, not Picture)... and Ma picked out Tales of the Unexpected, which I then stole so I could buy it for her and put it away for Christmas... but when I went to the register the nice (if a little bit dykey) woman behind the counter went "Oh, you get a free bag with that"... to which I just went "Ummmmm, okay".

Turns out if you bought four titles you got a free Penguin book bag (that's it up at the top), which is fairly groovy... it's made of that same material as all those green reusable shopping bags, but it's got a really wide strap and it's one of those ones that you're supposed to wear across your body (which usually I don't like, but this one is okay)... but it was free, and it was unexpectedly free on top of that... plus I've seen people carrying around similar kinds of bags and always wanted to know where they got it. And now I've got one... woohoo me!

So I wandered around town feeling very funky and whatnot, which is always a good feeling, even if all of our other shopping endevours in town were slightly pointless...

I'm still on the hunt for a decent quilt cover, and I can't find anything in a vibrant enough tone of either blue or green or both... everything is either brightly red/pink/orange/brown or else muted and mostly white with touches of pale green or pale blue. Grrrr... annoyed.

After town we headed out to the "Mile End Homemaker Centre", which sounds much grander than it is... it's basically just a bunch of furniture/homewares/whitegood retails around a big carpark. But it's where Forty Winks and Snooze (the artist formerly known as Captain Snooze) are... and I'm half-assedly still looking for a bed. Actually that's not true, I'm about one-eighth-assedly looking.

I now know why Captain Snooze dropped the "Captain" part of their name... it implied that they were kind of low-rent and cheap... and Snooze is anything but... I didn't see a single mattress in the store for under $2500, so they can keep them all.

Like I said though, my heart wasn't really in it... I need to wait and see what the whole inspection situation is, and if I manage to get through that unscathed then I can think about a bed. Which is something of a shit, because I was psyching myself up to the mindset of buying a bed/mattress, and now I'm all stuck in limbo.

On the up side, Ma FINALLY got over her microwave indecision (she's been saying she wants a new one for about two years) and just bought a nice new LG model... one of those ones with the circular back to it... nice.

After that we headed down to the beach... for no real reason, just because...

We were going to stop off in Glenelg, but we did that not long ago, so we ended up driving up to Brighton just to have a wander up and down the road there... and of course we ended up in the second hand bookstore there (like we do every time), grabbed a couple of things that have also gone away for Christmas, then came back to the car.

There wasn't really a bakery of any kind along the road (which is something of an oversight on their part I think), but Ma suggested getting a steak sandwich somewhere... which sounded pretty good... except the fish and chippery at Brighton didn't seem to be open... so we headed back to Glenelg... and while we could have stopped there, it was busy as usual, so we planned to head down to Henley and go to the one there. Except it disappeared since the last time we were there, so no joy... and we had to keep driving... eventually we found somewhere at Grange and the sandwiches were pretty good fortunately, but it was a trying exercise overall...

But better than coming back to North Adelaide to have them... it would have been less annoying, but it's a better story when it ends with "and we ate them by the beach".

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Tom Sunday, September 21, 2008 7:00:00 pm  

Bloody hell.... Captain Snooze has gone upmarket... or maybe there's an Adelaide surcharge... I certainly didn't pay $2,500 for my mattress from them... I'd expect it to have all sorts of gadgetery and features for that price! :)

Tom Sunday, September 21, 2008 7:01:00 pm  

PS I'm ignoring the Penguin thing as I did on Andrew's blog.... I'm SO SO tempted, but I really really really don't need any more books - I must have at least 20 on the unread pile! :)

Tom Thursday, September 25, 2008 11:04:00 pm  

I just wanted to brag to someone that I managed to walk into Borders today and come out empty handed. I even spent a minute or so browsing the Penguin Classics shelves... all the good ones had been snapped up so I wasn't too tempted. Weirdly they had lots of modern ones like The Beach. :)

yani Saturday, September 27, 2008 12:18:00 am  

Well done, I'm very proud of you ;) And yes, I was surprised by the number of modern books in the Penguin Classics range too... there were a few I would have bought had I not already owned them hehe

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