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The bus I caught home this afternoon was seriously old school... I'm guessing it had been doing something else before being absorbed into the public transport system, because it had that serious "country school bus" vibe to it...

It didn't even have "Stop" buttons... or a "Stopping" light, so the poor (but pretty damn hot) driver pretty much ended up stopping at every stop, just in case. Thankfully, due to school holidays there were only about half a dozen of us on there...

Which brings me, in no direct way, to Unconscious Mutterings...
  1. Hearing :: Aid
  2. Aggression :: Passive
  3. Charged :: Negatively
  4. Traveller :: Time
  5. Hydrate :: Water
  6. Detox :: Drugs
  7. Qualify :: Race
  8. Prison :: Break
  9. Frontal :: Full
  10. Pep talk :: Get bent!

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