photo friday: glorious

glenelg jetty at sunsetToday was GLORIOUS!

Let me 'splain... no, there is too much, let me sum up (extra points if you can name that movie reference even without the Spanish accent)...
  • The weather: Glorious (the only downside was being inside for almost the whole day)
  • Friday: Glorious (obviously)
  • Casual Friday at work: Glorious (I've previously worn jeans to work on Fridays, but I haven't gone "full cas" for ages)
  • Wearing vaguely inappropriate underwear to work: Glorious (nothing like wearing inappropriate underwear, even if nobody knows you're wearing it, to put a spring in your step)
  • Blonde Eye Candy Office Boy (or BECOB) wearing no socks and showing some ankle (not to mention almost the same shoes as me): Glorious (what? I have a thing about unintentionally exposed skin *grin*)
  • Boost Juice's Green Tea Mango Mantra with added blueberries: Glorious (mmmm blueberries)
  • Getting an email last night that made me smile and feel pretty damn good (you know who you are... and thank you!): Glorious (unexpectedly so)
  • America's Next Top Model to look forward to later tonight: Glorious (trashy I know, but glorious)
  • Sara Lee Rocky Road Icecream in the freezer: Glorious (bad for me, but delicious)
And further to the glorious theme, today's Photo Friday photo is from my Grand Day Out last year... good times...

Sadly, I had to come home to the Brat Army celebrating the beginning of the school holidays... little tossers...

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Tom said...

Pleased you've ended the week on a high!

Let me guess... the shoulder pads? LOL.

For some reason this post also reminded me of a credit card advert. All you need to do is add:
"... for everything else there's Master Card!"

yani said...

Yep, how did you guess? The shoulder pads fill out my polo shirt quite nicely (I also like that they're labelled "multi purpose" hehe) :)

And yes, it was a little bit of a "Priceless" post wasn't it...

Kezza said...

Well, it sounds like you had quite a glorious day (just guessing) however I now have a horrible childhood flashback racing around in my head. The catholic boys should be familiar with the stupid hymn that goes "glory, glory halleluia. Hosannah in exelcius" or something like that.

Thanks Yani - that ought to drive me mental for the next 24 hours at least!


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