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june contest entriesYep, that's right... it's been a while... over a month (again) actually, but tonight it was Camera Club time once again...

Tonight's set subject was Sports... but I'm not really much on sport in general, and even less on taking shots of sport, so, as always I just stuck with the open section.

The random 15yo boy I mentioned a while ago who seemed like he had decided to adopt Stu and I... looks like it's official... even though he was there with his (incredibly youthful looking) dad, he came over to ask my opinion on which two open shots he should put in out of the three he had with him... okay, he didn't get great scores on them anyway (even though they were nice shots), but that was more about the judge than it was about the image choices (I was also amused to see that when he asked the judge's opinion of the shot he didn't enter, it was almost identical to my opinion, only the judge's answer rambled on for a while, whereas mine was essentially six words... "too much sky, not enough seagull").

Speaking of tonight's judge, he was yet another of the 150 year old relic squad... and I know we've had him before, although I'm just not sure when... it could possibly have been the same one that I blogged about in my first ever Camera Club post...

I supposed technically I can't complain too much... I got a couple of decent scores, although I was fairly certain that a couple of the shots would bomb after I saw the judge.

Dark Thoughts (top left) scored a 7 (mostly because, contrary to the view of the shot here, under the lights in the club it came out looking very green for some reason... not sure what that was about), Alex (bottom left) managed an 8 (although the judge did say it may have been better a little darker, so I might have to have a play with that, Columns (top right) got the highest mark of the night with a 9 (bloody judges and bloody architecture shots) and as expected, Abandoned House (bottom right) bombed out with a 6... partly because I couldn't come up with a better name for it after mulling it over for about 15 minutes...

Stu and I did the naughty schoolboy thing again and sat at the back of the room so we could whisper, giggle, abuse the judge's decisions, discuss Big Brother, Lost and Ikea and make fun of proceedings without disturbing other people... which does wonders for my stress level at club meetings I have to say.

Then afterwards he, Mikey and I did the usual coffee thing before Stu dropped me home so that I could loan him the first five seasons of Buffy in return for him dubbing me copies of Jeepers Creepers & Jeepers Creepers II... (shhh... don't tell anyone). And interestingly, while he was here perusing my bookshelves we discovered we had a common love for Laurell K Hamilton's Anita and Merry books... the things you learn!

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skander said...

Hey yaniboy, I like your blog.

c'est tout.

Tom said...

Beautiful people aside... the one in the top right of the pillars is amazing - drape the boy on the bottom right over one of those and that would be a sure fire winner of a photo!!


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