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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

adelaide airport 2006And I missed him at the airport... *pout*

I should have left my place earlier, but I only ended up leaving at around 9:30... and but the time I made it down to the airport it was already around 10am... I thought I was doing okay, because his flight didn't leave until 10:15, and we were pretty sure it was just a domestic flight to Sydney where he would catch the international flight... but I called J's phone as I reached the terminal to find out where they were, and he'd just gone through into Customs... and I missed him...

I'm so glad that they called in last night before Ma and I went to the movies... Monkey and J were out shopping in town and Monkey, bless him, had bought me a 32 cm Covered Chef Pan... I know that I'd said in my ramblings about Tom's Chicken Curry on Monday that I needed something like it, but I didn't honestly remember saying it to them on the night. J tells me I did, but obviously I was just rambling along to myself as I tend to do when I'm cooking.... so last night, they dropped in so he could give it to me.

Not bad considering the first thing I did when he walked in the door on Monday night was give him an earful because he never called like he was supposed to so we could hang out. It was the full rant (although, since I was cooking, I did put the knife down so I wasn't waving it about)... and he got both barrels... but not in an overbearing or abusive way, I just told him that I was pissed and why I was pissed... and then I was over it. It did kind of help that he came through the door carrying a Famers Union Iced Coffee for me... and the first words out of his mouth were "I'm really late" or something similar. But once I'd gotten it off my chest we were fine.

I just wish I'd made it in time to see him off...

Anyway, J, his sister, Sally and I met up in the airport, and I sent Monkey a text message to say goodbye (thank god for technology)... then, since I'd been a cheapskate and parked in the Ikea carpark across the road instead of paying actual money and parking in the airport, we all headed over to Ikea for a drink and a bit of cake.

We ended up doing the wander around the whole store, since J's sister hadn't been to Ikea before. If nothing else, it was a nice way to waste a morning.

J leaves tomorrow night (don't ask me why they aren't both on the same flight, I asked and I still don't understand it), and we all made sure that we're going to get there in enough time to actually see him off.

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