random loewen hotness

I'm going back to the Ginch Gonch well for today's Random Hotness... I've featured Kolten and Tym.... this is Matt Loewen, one of their new models... while he's not as beautiful as the other Ginch Gonch models I've drooled over, he does have that whole tattooed bad boy thing going for him... and the blue eyes. The boys over at Oh la la Paris seem a little obsessed with him too.

matt loewenmatt loewen

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Bodhi said...

Ahhhh, I can always rely on you Yani to be forthcoming with the quality hawtness. Maybe you should give my boy Mikey at Pipedreams some lessons, he has been rather lacking of late.

Anyhoo. Matt, you are f**king gorgeous, but you've been a bad boy - now go to my room! I'll see to you later ...


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