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may competition entries 2006Dammit and double dammit... I wrote this when I got back from Camera Club, but Blogger fell on it's head as I went to post it, and although I thought there might have been a chance that it actually got saved, it looks like I was out of luck... I'll have to try and recreate it from scratch...

I think maybe I'm a little bit over Camera Club, both in general and just at present. Yes, it's been a month since I was last there, so yes, it was nice to see my folks again, but I get kinda over it fast.

Tonight's set subject was Shadowplay/Silhouettes... and although I probably could have gone through my stuff and pulled out a couple of appropriate images, I just never bothered... instead I went through my magic bag of existing images and pulled out four... unfortunately the magic bag is looking decidedly bare these days, especially since I haven't done a shoot with a model in a really, really, really long time.

Anyway, the judge did seem to be a little all over the place with his scoring at first, but since the B Graders go first, it gave me a chance to settle down before he got to us... in the end I ended up with some scores that mostly weren't that surprising.

Craig (bottom left) scored a 9, which did actually surprise me, I knew it was pretty good, but I hadn't thought it was 9-worthy... The Boxer (top left) got an 8... Dark Denim (bottom right) managed a 7, mostly because in the full version his face is a little soft (focus-wise), and I knew that going in (but really, are you going to be looking at his face?), and I have thought about doing a harder crop to cut down the amount of out of focus face in the shot... and finally Star (top right) got a 6, which didn't surprise me in the least, since it was only there to make up the numbers to be honest.

I think part of why I was over it last night was that I came to a realisation... while Adelaide Camera Club is supposedly one of the more progressive clubs around (from what I've heard anyway), when we have competitions, the vast majority of our judges are from the other suburban clubs... which means they are then judging us by their standards and their expectations, not those of our club (if that makes sense). I do complain about the judging a lot though, so I suppose I should just be used to it and either alter my work to please the ludite judges, or else not care what they think and do what I like... guess which way I choose... which is basically the same way I've been going for a while, I just need to whinge about it from time to time.

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