hot water!

this would be me... if i looked like that... and hadn't already had a showerHot water!

I have hot water!

It's been two weeks since my hot water stopped working, and you have NO idea how glad I am that it's back!

Of course, because nothing is ever simple, the plumber does have to come back, something about the flame being too high and they can't regulate it with the controls on the heater... but I don't care, so long as it holds out until he comes back... I have hot water...

*does the 'I Have Hot Water' dance*

They say that small things amuse small minds... but... guess what... I have hot water!


Current Mood: i have hot water!


jjd said...

hehe. I can feel your excitement. Isn't it amazing how the little things can really be so great when deprived of them for some period of time? Makes me think about this guy's philosophy

yaniboy said...

Definately true... you don't think how good it is to be able to do a lot of things until you can't do them...

My shower this morning was just perfect... just to be able to take the very cold edge off the water... heaven!!!


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