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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

shiny new knives 2005Urgh...

While I'm a fan of the Post Christmas Sales in principle, the reality is something else.

Ma and I did the Target thing early this morning... looking, as always, through their cut priced Xmas decorations, wrapping paper, gift tags, and the occasional food item. Of course our haul this year was NOTHING compared with the three trips we took (one each individually and one together) last year, where we netted about a ton of stuff. This year we stuck mostly to wrapping paper, gift boxes and very, very, very high end Christmas crackers, all at half the price they'd been a week ago. Oh, and one of the Disney Hallmark ornaments... my favourite fairy, Tinkerbell... possibly coming soon to a blogtheme near you...

I was kinda pissy because Target didn't have the cowboy hat I'd kind of been fond of before Christmas (suddenly they had about six different, very similar hats... but not the one I liked... but I'm not really a hat person, so it's probably all for the best) and unexplicably they had no men's sunglasses (I just can't do expensive sunglasses... not with the way I treat mine)... so we thought a trip into the city might be in order.

Unfortunately the same kind of traffic catastrophe I encountered before Christmas was waiting for us, so we settled on West Lakes Westfield instead... it wasn't too bad there... a large number of pretty boys, some different shops from where we usually go...

I scored a pair of sunglasses, from Kmart of all places... we picked up some more DVDs (I had already grabbed 28 Days Later when we were in Target earlier, then Another Country and X-Men 2 from EzyDVD)... and after a fairly pointless excursion around David Jones' denuded half price Christmas department, I scored a set (well, not really a set, they were loose) of Maxwell & Williams cutlery... half price at House & Garden... SCORE!

But all that extra wandering around, especially because I was wearing my new wooden thongs (as seen in my Christmas present photo), was pretty tiring... it kinda felt like I was walking around with two tiny chunks of hardwood flooring strapped to my feet... very weird...

Oh, and thus far, the plumber who was supposed to turn up today to fix my cold shower problem is a no show... not happy!

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Sunshine Wednesday, December 28, 2005 11:19:00 pm  

Don't you just love post-Christmas shopping?? I think my credit card has been wiped out though, so I think this is it. :P

GreerM Thursday, December 29, 2005 3:55:00 am  

My post-Christmas shopping consisted of using the cash and gift cards I received. ;o) I picked up on Kingdom of Heaven and Serenity on DVD. Also picked up a walking stick for my hiking medallons. Of course the major money cheque I picked up from my father is going to be used for my move at the end of the month. Ahh, got to love Christmas.

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