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the wicked queen 2005I think I mentioned once before that I love the Disney Villainesses... so, naturally, when Hallmark came out with their Unforgettable Villains in their Keepsake Ornament range back in 1998, well, I had to have them... I missed the first one (a shame, since Cruella De Vil is one of my faves), but I did get The Wicked Queen and Maleficent. I wished they had kept making the series, I would have loved a Jafar and an Ursula to go with them. They're not kept for Christmas or anything, they're in my "permanent collection".

And this idea to make a blog layout with one of them has been bubbling around in my head for a while. Pretty much since I knew I was getting a digital camera, and because Halloween is coming up (even if its not a holiday I celebrate in any way, shape or form)... plus the fact that I now know how to knock out a layout in a surprisingly short amount of time. So once I got back from getting the paper this morning, I decided to take some shots of them and see what happened.

Turns out Maleficent is a) hard to photograph close up, mostly because of the raven on her shoulder I think and b) looked a little the worse for wear at that extreme angle, whereas Queenie just looked like she had a mild case of freckles... so I ran with that. Plus, purple... love the purple!

May I present... yani.wicked!

I did test out the camera on my walk to get the paper, but there was nothing overly stellar (I ended up shooting most of everything in the shared garden of my apartment block), so nothing really to post yet...

I did also try that panorama thing around my living room that I mentioned yesterday, and coolness of coolness, I can turn it into a 360 degree panorama flash movie thingy. I'm not completely sure what to do with either it or the panorama image yet though, especially since the image is 4111 pixels long by 400 pixels high.

I'm planning to take my camera on my walk tomorrow morning, and provided the weather is okay, I should have something to post photowise tomorrow.

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tranism said...

I feel that same way. I was hoping they would make a Ursula but alas, I see nothing. :(


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