unconscious mutterings 478

Let's see... what did I do today... I forgot to shave this morning, bought Portal 2 at lunch, went to a copyright seminar on websites, blogs and social media this afternoon and Adam Savage from Mythbusters retweeted something I sent him on Twitter AND tweeted me a thank you.

So now I'm grinning for no real reason.

Unconscious Mutterings...
  1. Flake :: Cadbury
  2. Like :: Facebook (which I don't...)
  3. Rash :: Rashomon
  4. Humor :: Black/Dark
  5. Splash :: Mermaid
  6. Blind :: Mr Magoo
  7. Noisy :: Neighbours
  8. Ornate :: Design
  9. Rain :: Love
  10. Intensify :: Feeling
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