photo friday: lego now and then

lego lumberjack - then and now lego spaceman - now and then
It appears that the closer I get to my 40th birthday the more I am moving to an uber nerd style existance/behaviour...

My obsession with Lego, specifically the minifigs, continues unabated (as per today's photos)...

And today I went to JB HiFi and bought a Playstation 3. This was mostly a whim... well, a three day old whim, but definitely on the side of whim.

Mostly it's because of the review of the game Journey that ABC's Good Game did on Tuesday. I don't think I've ever had as much of the reaction of "I want to play that!" to one of the games they've featured.

Plus JB had a deal where it came with Assassins Creed Brotherhood and another slightly crappier game and a HDMI cable. And it's a Blu-ray player on top of all that. So I figured why the hell not.

Now all I have to do it plug it all in and work out how the hell it all works.

I also assisted H-San to sign up for Twitter this morning... not that he's a technoluddite or anything... and I was flying a little bit blind since Twitter's whole sign up process has changed since I did it a couple of years ago.

But that was a thing that happened.

It was actually a little bit weird being home every night this week after all the Fringe stuff over the last month. Not really dull... just slightly strange.

On the plus side of things this week, I also made a trek off to the Burger Theory truck on Wednesday and afterwards I got the sweetest message from them on Twitter...
"Thanks for your patronage as always Yani! From that massive cookie on you have always been there for us, much appreciated"
Awwwwwww.... so very sweet! But if their burgers weren't all kinda of awesome I wouldn't trek for 20 minutes there and back on my lunch break just to have one!

I watched the last of the David Tennant Doctor Who episodes last night, and just like the first time, I went into the ugly cry at the end... not as much as I did the first time around perhaps, but it still wasn't pretty.

I am trying to keep an open mind about the Matt Smith era but I can't summon up very much positive emotion or enthusiasm about them sadly. Even the news I read this week announcing the new Companion for the next series didn't thrill me overly, doubly so since we're going to have to wait until next year to see her and get rid of the Ponds.

Oh and I very nearly got into a punch up in the middle of North Adelaide because the stupid couple on the bus couldn't operate the door. And really, me telling them "push the door"... how hard of a concept do you think that is... so I had to reach past them and push the door... and yeah... then there was some verbal between us, I pushed past them and then suddenly the woman went psycho. Could I have been more tactful, yes... was she a fucking card carrying psychopathic bitch, oh hell yes.

So that's another thing that happened.

And now I'm all wound up and annoyed and just want to find her and punch her in the face. AARRRRGGGGGHHHHHH. Plus you know all those things you think of to say afterwards... things that wouldn't have calmed the situation down at all, but they would have felt good... yeah, my head is full of them.

God I fucking hate stupid people.

But I'm going to have to try some deep breathing and calm the hell down so I can put together my Playstation.

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Tom said...

Bus doors don't open electrically in south aus?

yani said...

All the newer buses do, but we still have some older ones where they don't... so obviously they weren't just morons they were interstate morons...

Victor said...

I've been reading your posts about minifigs wondering all the while what on earth they are. I don't know why I didn't just do a Google search but now that you have included photos of them I am charmed. They look fun.

yani said...

LOL oops, my bad... I guess I forgot because I've been posting photos of them in other arenas (Instagram/Twitter) that I didn't necessarily think that I hadn't posted any photos here. Glad you liked them though.


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