fringe: soap the show

soap the showWet, half naked, defined, althetic, attractive guys bending themselves into impossible positions and generally being hot, wet and half naked.

It can't be anything else but Soap!

I can't remember when I've ever been to a show where the finale left me quite so amazed and, frankly, slightly aroused.

And I didn't even care that I got sprayed with water during the two numbers at the end of the show that involve wet men throwing themselves around.

But then that's what happens when you're the first in the line and get front row seats!

I was surprised that more of the show didn't include the performers getting wet... I think perhaps in one of their regular show there may be more numbers that are performed "wet", but with this show there were only two.

But even the dry numbers were sensational.

The whole show is a little bit contemporary dance, a little bit circus and little bit gymnastic routine and a whole lot of sexy.

And speaking of sexy... François Gravel who performs the finale on trapeze, in a white shirt, in the "rain"... oh good lord... like I said, one of the most beautiful and sensual routines ever.

And then there's Michael Lanphear who performs shirtless on the aerial straps and flew right over our heads... and Fernando Dudka (I'm pretty sure that that's him bending at impossible angles on the poster) performing amazing hand balancing and being the first one to get wet.


There's also an amazing dance/acrobatics routine between Gravel and Dudka that was beautiful to watch... but then I always love watching two men dance together in that kind of routine.

Equally amazing was Adem Endris and his juggling... although is it still juggling when you bounce the balls rather than throw them up into the air... I guess it probably is.

I wasn't as taken with the ladies overall... although the "comedy MC" (or whatever her role was), Marie-Andrée Lemaire, was brilliant and hilarious. And there was no denying the skills of foot juggler, Ludmila Nikolaeva.

It's definitely a show to get to early though... given the shape of the venue, those people who didn't get a prime see through the middle may have had a restricted view due to the rigging used for hoisting the performers into the air.

But all in all, a breathtaking show!

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