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rusted island rooftop waves
For a "short week"... it's been a bloody long week!

My birthday was good... although it almost didn't really feel like a birthday in the midst of all the Fringe stuff. And clearly I'm approaching 40, because all my presents this year were Lego related.

Okay, that's not completely true, Ma also paid for my ticket to La Soirée last night, and my hotel room for my trip to Sydney in April... but there were the Lego notebooks I mentioned (which I bought for myself), and another of the minifig display cases, and the Naboo Starfighter mini model.

Dinner at Enzo's on Port Road turned out to be really nice... the food was great, the service was excellent... the only downside was that they stuck us in a smaller side room rather than the large main room, so it was a little noisy. And the place was HEAVING.... I don't quite know why, whether people had dropped the kids off at the Entertainment Centre for whatever random crap was going on and had gone to dinner... but it was full of people.

I did enjoy the food though... so much so that when I noticed that my supermarket actually stocks a range of Enzo's "At Home" products... so I had their Lasagne for dinner tonight. And it was probably one of the better pre-made lasagnes I've ever had.

I also finally followed up about the Lego minifigs I bought from eBay a month ago that have never arrived (I even checked with the Post Office to make sure it wasn't sitting on a shelf waiting for me). And I got a message from the seller asking if I wanted a refund or for him to resend, so I'm getting him to resend them to me at work.

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