unconscious mutterings 477

I'm so very tired today... granted I may not have been if I'd gone to bed when I'd intended to and not waited up so I could hook up with a random.

And if this is the second time you've hooked you've hooked up with them, are they officially still a random?

Speaking of random... at lunch today I bought "power gloves" for the gym and Season 6 of Futurama...

Unconscious Mutterings...
  1. Quit :: Programs
  2. Solace :: Quantum of
  3. Suggest :: Gullible
  4. Meteor :: Comet
  5. Zombies :: BRAINS!
  6. Birds :: Tippi Hedren
  7. Cancelled :: A number of Fringe shows
  8. Compatible :: Backwards
  9. Alarmed :: Be alert, not alarmed
  10. Word game :: Scrabble
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