incredibly brief shopping saturday

fuck him, he's irishFor the record, I only actually remembered that it was St Patrick's Day today about half an hour ago... for some reason I always think it's the 18th... no idea why.

You'd think I'd remember a day associated with redheads!

Anyway, now that the Fringe is in it's final stages (just one more show tonight... then that's it), and neither Ma nor I particularly have that many errands we want to do on a Saturday, we had a severely cut-down version of our usual Saturday routine.

Essentially I tidied up this morning, Ma came down, we went shopping, came back here and called it a day.

I did get Ma to drop me off at the North Adelaide Village before she left though, but that was it.

And that was at around 11am or so.

And I've essentially done Sweet Fuck All for the remainder of the day. Which makes a nice change to be honest. Fortunately the next few weeks are sorted though... next weekend is Bowerbird, the weekend after is Easter, then I'm in Sydney and by that point we're half way through April.

So yeah... not a thrilling day... but a mostly restful one.

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