slightly selfish shopping saturday

this has absolutely nothing to do with today's post... but he's hotI think today has been the kind of Saturday I've needed for a little while... at least so far.

As Ma had her hair done today and we have a Fringe show to go to at 3pm (and another at 7pm), Ma didn't come down this morning... in fact she's due any time from around now.

Which meant that we didn't have to invent things to do together... and I could decide to do whatever.

What that ended up entailing, once the usual Saturday morning routine of tidy, shower, supermarket and unpack was over was that I decided to head down to the Lego store next to Tea Tree Plaza.

And I finally replaced all the black plates in my minifig display cases (plus I ended up with one extra because I'd forgotten how many I needed)... plus they were having a 15% off sale!

Then I went to poke around Big W, found two minifigs I don't have and discovered that Big W (or possibly everyone) is having a "Buy One Get One Free" Disney DVD sale, so I picked up Toy Story 3 and Pirates of the Caribbean 4.

I also briefly considered getting one of the small minfigure display cases from Toys R Us... but they're too damn expensive... Big W has the large ones for the same price. Plus they only come with black baseplates.

And then I drove back here, dicked around on the computer and had some lunch.

So, you know, not a terribly exciting morning, but useful.

The plan for the rest of the afternoon/evening is head off to the 3pm show, which should get out sometime around 4pm, then kill a little time, head over to Gouger Street to find somewhere for dinner and then head back to the 7pm show which is in the same neighbourhood.

I'm not exactly sure how well that'll work out in the end, or if we'll end up doing something else... but at least it's a plan.

Addendum: Ma and I just cannot seem to make a decision or any kind of plan of any kind at the moment.

After the first show, which only ran for half an hour, we killed some time at the Jam Factory, then wandered up to Gouger Street to find somewhere to eat.

Now, Gouger Street is supposed to be the premier street for dining in the city. Which is fine, unless you want to eat at 5pm and don't want Asian food. Because then you have about three choices. We walked up and down and then up and half down and then partially up and got more than a little snippy with each other (okay, mostly me) before I finally admitted defeat and went into the closest place to where we happened to be standing.

And that was only because one of the waitresses happened to come to the door at that exact moment.

I then proceeded to have the most tender and delicious Beef Randang I've ever eaten.

In general though, Gouger Street can kiss my ass.

Now all I have to do is come up with some idea of where the hell to eat on my birthday!

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