happy 2010

happy 2010Welcome to the new decade, and more specifically to 2010, the International Year of Biodiversity... or, if my walk this morning is any indication, the International Year of Hot Boys!

Happy New Year everyone!

My NYE "festivities" were pretty much the same as they've been for the last few years... I stayed in, made a not untasty cold tuna noodle salad and ginger beer jelly (bless you Aeroplane!), had a movie marathon and did all those stupid, semi superstitious little things I seem to need to do on New Years Eve now...

No dishes in the sink or draining board, no rubbish in the bins, fresh bedding on the bed, fresh towels in the bathroom, that kinda thing. Although attaching a fitted sheet to my plus-sized mattress is challenging at the best of times, but at 10:30pm on New Years Eve when my bedroom is 300°C... I liked that less.

The cool change part of the evening I did enjoy... as well as the movies.

This year's selection was Cool Hand Luke, Duplicity and Watchmen... a very diverse selection, I have to say. It's also worth stating that I think I'm developing a bit of a Steve McQueen thing... in the past year I've seen The Magnificent Seven, The Great Escape, Papillon and now Cool Hand Luke... but damn that man is just the posterboy for cool and sexy and a surprisingly good actor!

And it never seems to matter how much I plan out when I should start my little marathon so I can get to bed not long after midnight, something always seems to happen through the night to make sure I don't get to bed before about 1:30... this time I was later starting than I'd planned, then I realised I hadn't changed my bed yet... then I stopped for a couple of minutes to listen to the fireworks going off (I know it's New Years... but 15 minutes worth of fireworks?) and text some people appropriate New Years wishes.

What was different this year was the fact that I signed up for Twitter late yesterday afternoon (with thanks to Tom for nursing me through my last minute username freakout)... so I ended up tweeting things on and off through the evening...

I also managed to pump a slight amount of cooler air into my bedroom by the time I called it a night, and with both the fan and evaporative cooler going it wasn't too bad.

And even though I've only had about four hours of sleep I got up nice and early this morning and went off on my walk...

This is where the International Year of Hot Boys comes into play...

First there was the slightly surly looking but sexy skateboarding guy who rolled past me and if that had been it, it would still have been a good morning. But then we had the two very, very, very hot shirtless guys wearing essentially nothing but sarongs (sadly I didn't get the chance to check them for underwear)... that totally made my morning.

Then as I crossed over the Morphett Street bridge I noticed another skateboard boy and his girlfriend, but they ended up behind me and I didn't really get a good look... that is until I started to hear skateboard wheels clickity clacking along the pavers behind me... I assumed they were going to pass me, but no... the cute, tattooed and pierced little skaterboy came up alongside me, said hello and initiated a conversation. To be honest, I'm pretty sure he was still drunk and hadn't been home yet, but he wanted to know what I was doing, and when I told him "exercising" he couldn't quite grasp the concept that I hadn't been out drinking last night. You know how when you have a weird conversation like that you often think of better things to say once the person has gone away... well this was one of those (I could have told him anything and he would have believed it... that I was twelve stepping it, that this was the best way to recover from a hangover, that I was Amish, anything)... but we had some amusing back and forth anyway, and eventually I wished him Happy New Year and he rolled on back to his girlfriend. It did make me smile though... in fact it's still making me smile.

I knew there had to be one more though... and sure enough, coming back up the hill there was this very tall hipster dude in a Mickey Mouse teeshirt and white framed glasses... very cute.

If this is the way the year intends to carry on, I could get used to it!

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