my adelaide fringe picks 2010

my fringe 2010 lineupI went a little nuts on Fringe shows today...

I'm not completely sure why today in particular... but it was a slow day at work and I started looking around the Fringe website... then suddenly I'd spent $150 on entertainment.

This working thing is a bad influence!

So, come February 19 (actually that's not true, the first thing I'm going to is on Feb 12), I'm off to:
  • Briefs: A late nite romp of circus, gender confusion, comedy and good ol' showmanship for the not so faint hearted!

  • The Grimstones - Hatched: A gothic fairytale told with exquisite old-world marionettes and sign-language.

  • The Kransky Sisters - Three Bags Full: If only you’d had the courage to visit those weird old aunts of yours years ago, you wouldn’t have had to wait until now to experience some of the joy they have to offer!

  • Josh Earl vs The Australian Women's Weekly Children's Birthday Cake Book: In 1985 Lyn Earl purchased a book that changed her life forever, as well as the lives of her three sons.

  • Drags Aloud At The Movies: All pop and delicious corn and blockbuster funny, Drags Aloud is back with another gloriously twisted gender bender satire on the movies.
I've been a fan of the Kransky's since they used to be on some teevee show on SBS from time to time, so I'm excited to see them live, although I kinda prefered the previous third sister (the silent one with the tuba)... and Josh Earl's show I want to go and see based purely on the title. I remember reading Eddy's post about The Grimstones, go that's been in my mental rolordex for a while now. And then there's a little gay/drag action thrown in for good measure.

There will probably be a few other things too... a couple of fairs/markets, and I would like to do the Amococo (an inflatable 'luminarium' or walk-through sculpture of labyrinthine tunnels, soaring domes and cavernous atriums)... and I might finally get along to the street art festival.

As I mentioned early today, I think I've been to see more theatre and shows and stuff in the last three years than I've seen in the previous thirty years...

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