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iphone art - untitled face iphone art - neon bunny
I downloaded an iPhone art app (Scribble) the other day that allows you to draw on the screen... and after a few false starts, I came up with these two... Untitled Face and Neon Bunny...

I'll tell you what though... if I thought real painting was hard, virtual painting with just one finger, much harder.

There's not really very much going on in The Life And Times Of Yani at present.

Work is work, there never seems to be enough time here at home, and I realised the other morning that I haven't actually gotten laid yet this year.

I do seem to be on something of a cleaning binge though (which started yesterday)... actually I think it's more of an organisational/sorting binge to be honest (I didn't end up getting as far as I would normally have yesterday because I got sidetracked by sorting stuff out rather than just making it appear tidy)... I really need to go through all my tchotchka and take a bunch of stuff down, not only because I have new stuff that needs to go up, but I just want less of it around.

That sounds fine in principle, and when I look at all the stuff as a whole I know that stuff should be put away, but the problem comes when you look at each piece individually. Ah well, I'll give it a go tonight, see what happens.

Random Question: A guy works in your extended, extended team... he dresses exceptionally well... he's cute as a bug's ear... he's somewhat metrosexual (okay, quite a bit)... he also seems a little bit camp around the edges... but office gossip has it that he's "married" (although "to a woman" was never specified). Then you see him out at lunchtime with another guy who dresses equally well, is equally metro, and seems even camper around the edges (as far as you can tell from walking past the pair of them)... The question is: Is he a duck?

Anyway... as my Nanna was always fond of saying, "This isn't making the baby a bonnet"... so I'll be off.

Today's post was brought to you by the Ampersand (&) and the number 3,672 (which is the number of dollars an abandoned restaurant I see every day when I get off the bus owes in back rent... they just vanished before Christmas, tables set, empty till on the counter, Christmas decorations up... and nothing... until I saw the sign in the door today).

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