the saturday with no plan

shopping finishedI would just like to know one thing... where the bloody hell did today go?

Sure, we packed a lot of stuff into the day, but we didn't start out with any plans, and I couldn't believe it when we were on the way back to my place this afternoon and it was already 4pm... it was one of those days where the time just vanishes.

Also, as a note to myself: Wear this particular Optimus Prime top more often... boys try and pick you up (okay, that's not actually true, but two different guys said they liked it, and both were cute, if very different).

But rewinding now... Blblblblblblblblblblb... that was the rewind noise... you know...

Oh, forget it...

Today started off reeeeeeeeeeeally early... Ma had her car booked in for a service, so she got to my place around 7:30, about half an hour earlier than usual... which was fine because we did the random catchup before we left (in separate cars) to drop her car off at Mr Mechanic Man and then go shopping (one being across the road from the other).

If was one of those minor shopping days... very quick and I didn't end up with very much stuff, but then I have a cupboard full of stuff...

So we were back here reasonably early... although it was a little tricky trying to sort my groceries out, what with my kitchen counter being covered in some of the larger random tchotchka from last night's slightly insane cleaning attack... and I still haven't put stuff back, so I'm sitting next to the folding table at the moment which is just full... and a little scary to be honest.

Ma played with her DS (My Sims Kingdom, again... addict) while I got organised and once she'd found Dr N (don't ask) and Mr Mechanic Man rang her (that's in the real world) we headed down to pick up her car... actually she did that while I took a detour off to see The Honey Man and we met up back here.

We didn't really have any particular plans for the day, but there seemed to be more stuff that we wanted to look at in town than anywhere else, so we shuffled off to town... even though @matt_gilbertson mentioned that he was helping to host the Top Model auditions in the Mall...

Fortunately they kept the models corralled, and they're mostly skinny anyway, so they don't take up a lot of room...

The main thing we were looking for was a laptop bag for Ma's new laptop... and if there was ever any question about where I get my sense of impatience from, today confirmed it... she wanted one, and she wanted it now. Essentially we started at Crumpler, went everywhere else and ended up back at Crumpler (everything else was either too small or just plain old boring... or both). And she got the next one up from the Winston Fleece one I bought. I was sad to hear that they've discontinued the line... and was half tempted to either get the same one Ma bought or the next one up... although I'm not sure I really need one, it was more the thought that they're no longer available... Once you know something has become endangered, shopping panic sets in.

Or is that just me?

fringe performers and mr sloppyYou can always tell when it's Festival/Fringe time... stranger people than normal start appearing in the Mall and odd things appear...

These three ladies stopped and did a little acrobatic performance (and seriously, muscle control, the one up on the top just seemed to appear up there with almost no effort) before sasheying off down the Mall... and I spotted Mr Sloppy who's the mascot for Street Dreams, the Adelaide Urban Art Festival...

There was also a giant puppet/stilt-walker with two little human buddies in very 80's workout gear... but I didn't get a photo of them.

Other than that, we picked up a few discounted things in the David Jones Food Hall, visited the ABC Shop where one of the boys complimented my teeshirt (we had a bonding moment), before we stopped off for Bubble T and headed back to Crumpler.

Once we'd gotten Ma fully Crumplered up we headed back to the car, stopped off here to drop things off and then headed down to Arndale, which was something of a wasted trip, although I did get a storage box to store (oddly enough) the tchotchka I don't want out anymore.

Then because I'd mentioned wanting another "booksafe" (since the current one is kinda full), we went off to Burnside to visit Smiggle since I knew I'd seen them there. I do so love Smiggle... but I managed to control myself.

Which is good, because one of the bookstores was having a closing down 30% off everything sale, and they had Tintin omnibuses... which are cheaper than the individual books, but still pricey, so I only bought two (and I already have two old ones from library sales somewhere... I can't see them right now).

Then we stopped off for something to eat at Cibo... tasty flat bread things with unpronounceable names... and I gotta say, I love the iced coffee and iced chocolate at Cibo, they're not overly sweet, and the coffee gelati/ice cream they use in the coffee is just amazing.

We also stopped off in the gourmet food section at Burnside and picked up some stuff for dinner (sweetcorn and fetta frittas... should be good) and tomorrow. Nothing like forward planning.

Then we headed back to my place, although we did stop off at Bunnings so I could pick up some bubblewrap to assist in the tchotchka wrapping... which is where I got my second teeshirt compliment.

Hmmm... looking at all that, it kinda explains where the day went, doesn't it!

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