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brown skullbenzo poochThis week is turning out to be a whole "World of Beige"...

I don't know if it's to do with Daylight Savings, or the fact that the weather turned decidedly craptastic again today (just pick a fricken season and stick to it goddammit) or what, but we're talking wall-to-wall lackluster beige cardigans and cheaply made old-man slippers.

Monday was a write off... I didn't leave the house all day (having skipped my walk), I read all morning (which was actually enjoyable), and watched DVDs on and off for the rest of the day and ended up feeling like I should have been doing stuff but wasn't (actually I kind of felt like I wasn't working again... and didn't like the feeling).

Yesterday was a Big Lumpy Beige Cushion of a day... I had to face the fun of starting my walk in the dark (damn you, Early Daylight Savings), work as was dull as all hell, and the evening that should have been movie night (but wasn't due to aforementioned Interstateness of Ma) was also pretty damn dull. So dull, in fact, that I couldn't even summon up the energy to blog properly.

Even wearing entirely too much scarlet (shirt, weird looking underwear and hoodie) didn't do that much more to salvage my mood this morning due to the grey, chilly and rainy start to the day we had inflicted on us.

On the plus side, the nice man-child from my agency stopped by just to say hello, bring me presents (a fairly decent mug, a sports bottle, a crappy metal pencil box that I already have two of, a couple of choccies and, for some unknown reason, a tube of sunscreen... all branded with the agency logo, naturally... but the whole thing would have cost them, you know, around $15 all up, which is nice given how much money I've been earning them for the past thousand years) and chew the fat for about five minutes.

It's weird when they choose to come and visit... I can kinda think of three visits in the last three or four years, all of which seemed to coincide with long term contracts, but only when I was working with somebody knew within the building. Smart business sense probably ("look how nice we are to our employees, and while we're here, let me give you my card and you can give us more business later")... but still kinda weird.

Funny thing was that Mr Man-Child happens to have the same surname as J... which isn't that common a surname, so I can't help but wonder if he's some form of relation (I mean, yes, he probably is a fourteenth cousin, seventy-six times removed, given that he shares the same surname and there are about 100 of that particular surname listed in the White Pages, but I was thinking somewhat closer than that).

The day did kind of pick up a bit in the afternoon, there was a flurry of activity on the website, things to be added, stuff to be changed, but it didn't really take me that long.

Other than that, about the only productive thing I feel like I've done so far is fulfil a favour to Ash, which culminated in sending him ten dollars worth of parcel at lunchtime.

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