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Friday, October 24, 2008

big pink morning teaBehold, the Magical Mystery Morning Tea of Pinkness...

And lo, tremble before the chocolate bountifulness of my handmade Rocky Road (it's the kind of brown splodge with the pink and white bits near the pile of pink napkins in the middle of the table)...

Okay, I'm having a bit of a post-sugar brain coma (which I suppose is better than the post-beer brain tumour of last week) right now, just ignore me...

Today wasn't half bad! Well, half of it wasn't half bad... the other half was just kinda dull.

We finally had our Pink Ribbon/Breast Cancer Morning Tea at work, hence the profusion of pinkness in the above photo (and if I never see another pink item after the beginning of November, I'll be a happy bunny). Technically the day isn't actually until Monday, but the Powers That Be decided that it's better to have Morning Tea on a Friday than a Monday, and who am I to argue with logic like that... nobody, that's who...

So we got to dress in casual today (woohoo Casual Friday)... and we get to dress in casual again on Monday because it's the Actual Day (woohoo Actual Day)... and then Friday is the monthly Casual Day for this floor (woohoo Actual Casual Friday)... so out of a possible six working days, I get to wear casual gear for three (and the following Friday, my last day, I'm wearing at least semi-casual, just because I can!)... once again I say wooooohooooo.

Technically I was only Half Casual today... I'd intended to wear my lilac business shirt (not being able to find a pink shirt in an appropriate size or tone as yet... damn you Tom), then yesterday they said that today was a casual day, so I was in a quandary, I thought about wearing red, changed my mind eight thousand times... and ended up wearing the lilac shirt anyway with the sleeves rolled up and paired with jeans.

God knows what I'm going to wear on Monday... I might have to scope out something pink over the weekend... which could just be an exercise in frustration, but there you go (either that or I'm resorting to Plan B, red).

Muchly food was consumed at the Morning Tea (actually there almost wasn't enough room on the two long tables for everything... soooooo muuuuuuch foooood)... as well as much standing around like a pillock because I never really know who to talk to at those things, and I usually spend at least part of the time standing around by myself like Nigel No-Friends. Anyway, I kept an eye on who was eating my Rocky Road (all reports back were, of course, favourable... including one comment that it was "like an orgasm in my mouth"... which we decided was probably NOT the most appropriate thing she could have said... funny though)... there were still a fair few pieces of it left at the end of morning tea, but when I had a look after lunch it had all gone bar two bits... and I only ended up bringing in just over a third of what I made (I could have brought more but I couldn't get two of the containers in my bag this morning, and one container pretty much filled a plate).

On the general theme of Pink Ribbon Day, I somehow became the unofficial 2IC of the Pink Ribbon merchandise on this floor (probably because I'm working with the woman who's in charge of it and I can't help sticking my nose in... plus I have the kind of face where people either ask me stuff or just expect me to know... but mostly I think it's the nose sticking thing) and with or without me and my proverbial oar we raised almost $400 on this floor alone... granted $28 of that was mine since I bought two teddy bears and two rubber bracelets (one of each for me, one of each for Ma).

But this whole Pink Ribbon bonanza is the thing that got me thinking about Movember... and I've been going backwards and forwards about it for a few days now, more because of using my real name than anything else), but when I got back from lunch today I took the proverbial whatsit by the horns and signed up... but I'll go into that in a separate post later...

After the morning tea, while I was waiting for my boss to get his act together, I got a text message from Stu going "Lunch? Yum Cha?"... how do you refuse an offer like that? Okay, probably really easily, considering that I was a little bit stuffed to the gills with food... but I said yes anyway.

Yum Cha was very nice... but my fatal mistake was suggesting that we go and get a Bubble Tea afterwards (and I had to insist after Stu looked at me oddly and had no idea what I was talking about... I had to pop his Bubble Tea virginity)... it was nice, don't get me wrong, but a wee bit stronger in the flavour department than what I'm used to... and it was far more filling than any of the food, so I felt a bit Fat Buddha Belly for a while this afternoon.

The rest of the afternoon was pretty damn nondescript... but thankfully hometime came around fairly quickly.

I did discover that the cheap-ass dishwashing liquid they have at work smells exactly the same as the liquid soap they have in the showers at the sauna (and for that matter, I'm pretty sure it's the same smell as the stuff in my old gym)... which is slightly worrying somehow... I'm guessing that the common smell comes from it all being cheap rather than being forced to wash in dishwashing liquid...

And after the Orgy of Food that today has been, I'm going with random salad fixin's for dinner...

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Victor Saturday, October 25, 2008 8:21:00 am  

I notice your Rocky Road was accorded a prime position near the centre of the table. Well done.

yani Saturday, October 25, 2008 10:09:00 pm  

Yeah, that's because that's where I put it... my momma didn't raise no fool :)

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