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Monday, October 20, 2008

botanic greenBehold the greenness of green...

I hadn't actually intended on making a Montage when I went to the Botanical Gardens yesterday... but then I went for a wander looking for an out of the way bench to sit on and read (the first two suffering from "Goldilocks Syndrome", the first was too cold, the second too hot), and found myself taking a few shots... which then became a "green/textured" theme.

It's been a bit of a cruisy non-descript day... probably partially because I spend a chunk of the morning organising Mikado tickets and emailing people about hats and photos from Friday night's beerfest and partially because the website I needed to access crashed this morning and didn't come back up until after lunch.

I ended up booking the most expensive tickets for The Mikado, partially because they were in the "Premium" zone, right in the middle of the stalls (although the ones I ended up with are about 15 metres back from the stage and possibly right at the very back of said zone, but still), but mostly because they were about five dollars more than the next lowest category of tickets, so I figured why the hell not.

So in the last two days I've spent a grand total of $257 on "supporting the arts"...

Now all I need to do is make sure that I don't let slip to Ma that I've bought tickets, while at the same time making sure that she doesn't go booking any other excursions for that particular weekend (or worse still, float the idea that we should go to The Mikado, which means I'm going to have to lie through my teeth... which isn't really a problem, just annoying).

I am a little annoyed with the whole online ticket system though... it doesn't let you pick the seats you want. I guess that makes sense, because there would be times that the system would be so packed with people that it wouldn't be able to do that, tickets would be disappearing too fast to keep track... but if they can do it at the branches, I don't know why the website can't show you the same detail. Greater Union does it with their Gold Class system... can it really be that hard? Anyway, enough rant...

The final (and most amusing) act of this fourteen part ticket story occurred when I went to pick the tickets up at the closest outlet (which turned out to be a newsagency in the middle of City Cross)... and of course, after she printed all the tickets out (in one long strip of eight sections, five tickets, three receipts) she did what they're obviously supposed to do and talked me through them all to make sure that they were the right ones.

That was fine (to give her credit, she didn't even pause at Another Gay Sequel), until she got to the last one... The Adventures of Butt Boy and Tigger... she didn't quite make it through the title before she starting chuckling, which in turn made me laugh.

But WOOHOO, tickets!

I just want to arrange some sort of Japanese themed "wrapping" for the Mikado tickets now (I'm thinking about getting either a small black lacquer box or a gold box and wrapping the tickets in some Japanese style fabric, with or without the possibility of rope bondage)... I might have to do a bit of research on that.

I also got a copy of one of the photos from Friday night (I haven't seen the others, even though the girly responsible for taking them was supposed to send me copies today)... whoooooo nelly. I don't know what facial expression I was going for, but between the borrowed hat and the face and somebody's disembodied hand reaching in from the side, it's a bit of a worry. It's pretty much just a typical unflattering beer-fuelled pub photo really...

And when I got home I found one of those little "We tried to deliver this parcel while you were out" cards... woohoo... the two calendars I ordered from Amazon got here in seemingly record time (the expected delivery date was the week before Christmas).

All in all, a productive day... now all I have to remember to do is buy pistachios (the only thing I forgot to do today)...

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Kezza Tuesday, October 21, 2008 1:56:00 pm  

I say go with the laquered box, but for the fabric, try for something folded in a kimono-esque style or even just use decorative rice paper and bound with a flat silk ribbon in black, red or gold. I'm probably combining way too many oriental styles there, but it's the kind of gift I'd be thrilled to get!

Victor Tuesday, October 21, 2008 3:43:00 pm  

Earlier this year I found the online booking service for both Billy Elliott and Phantom of the Opera only offered me extreme side seats for a whole range of performances. I ended up going to the Box Office for both shows where I was able to secure better centred seats.

yani Tuesday, October 21, 2008 10:19:00 pm  

No, I think you've got it exactly right Kez... that was kind of some of the options going around in my brain... I think it requires more research though (anybody know how to tie an obi?)...

And I really should have just gone to buy the tickets in person Victor (not that I'm unhappy with the ones I got, I just know that there were probably seats closer to the stage)... I'll know next time...

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