critters by jules

jules critterjules fishJules has previously done birds... now it's fish... well, one fish and one kind of vague stylised fish-type creature...

It's been one of those days today... every time I think I'm making progress at work I come up against the Great Wall of Delay. Is it so hard to take five minutes and actually give me back the stuff I need to do my job?

Anyway, it was a trying day all around, I just felt all frustrated and out of sorts... and occasionally sleepy...

In a word: Blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

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peter said...

Reminder for not having an icon for frustration:
#1. You forgot to make one
#2. You ran out off electronic red for the face
#3. You also forgot to make an icon that expresses Blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!


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