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warlockYou scored as Tremere

You belong to the Tremere bloodline, the sorcerors of the vampire underworld. The Tremere command a terrible power over the blood of others. Many Tremere could pop a human being like a pimple with a wave of their hand. For this reason, many other vampires are wary around these cold, remorseless kin. All their time spent studying, however, has left them severely lacking in the physical department.

Tremere - 67%
Nosferatu - 54%
Gangrel - 54%
Toreador - 46%
Malkavian - 46%
Ventrue - 42%
Brujah - 17%

What White Wolf vampire clan do you belong to?

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Larry said...

83% Gangrel baby! That's pretty fitting because back when I played vampire I was a Gangrel. I gave each of my three forms it's own personality. My human form was a cowboy, my wolf form was lazy, and my bat form was cowardly :)

By the way, the word verification letters spell out "brorg", isn't that a noise you make after too much drinking?


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