random aussie hotness

Since tomorrow is Australia Day, it's only right that today's Random Hotness (like last year's effort) show off some Aussie-flag-wearing hotness... which is also why this post is later than usual (for Random Hotness posts anyway), I was searching out some appropriate images.

But of course, these things never go according to plan, so in the end I came back to the two images I was originally going to use. There's probably a little more frontal nudity than I would usually show, but what the hell, it's a special occasion.

aussie danteaussie dante

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ozBoi said...

Why aren't more cute boys this patriotic?

Tom said...

He wouldn't be allowed at the Sydney Big Day Out... they banned flags - what a shame... he'd have had to have gone nude! LOL!

Mikeymoo said...

Nice effort. Arse on flag.

Cute boy though.


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