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choose lifeI seem to be stealing a LOT of stuff from Tom of late... I think possibly it's because I'm checking his blog before Eddy's blog, and previously I would have stolen things from Eddy instead...

  1. Home theatre or movie theatre? Movie.... preferably Gold Class (keeps out the riff raff).

  2. Hardwood or wall-to-wall? Hardwood I think... except in the case of my upstairs neighbours, who really need wall-to-wall so I don't have to hear the sounds of tapdancing elephants all day long.

  3. Pencil or ballpoint pen? Pencil... since I was like 14 or 15 I've just always preferred pencils.

  4. Digital or analogue? All digital all the time baby...

  5. "Wet" or dry? (and I’m not talking shoo-fly pie here. *wink*) So what ARE you talking about? Saunas (wet thanks, I prefer the steam over the heat)? Martinis (ummm how does Bond have them)? Vacuum cleaners? What?

  6. Hardback or paperback? Paperback for the most part.

  7. Gasoline or electric? I'm assuming this means cars (since it's gasoline rather than gas), so I'm going to lean towards electric, just because they sound cooler.

  8. Photograph or painting? Photographs all the way.

  9. Mountains or shore? Shore... just don't expect me to actually go IN the water.

  10. Curtains or blinds? Curtains.

  11. Shower or spa tub? Shower.

  12. Blu-ray or HD DVD? Honestly I don't care... but I'm SO not going to replace my 250+ discs with whatever comes along, so it all better be backwards compatible or I'm going to sulk.

  13. Paint or wallpaper? Paint.

  14. Thoroughly cleaned and prepped or go with the moment? Is it just me or does this one seem slightly obscene somehow? I'll go with the prepped thing... I still think it sounds rude though.

  15. "Ties" or "loafers" (slip-ons)? Wouldn't Laces or Loafers sounded better... and slip-ons... except for my walking shoes.

  16. Stick shift or automatic? Automatic... me likee point and press driving...

  17. Saturday or Sunday? Saturday.

  18. 15% or 18%? Well, 18% is more... so we'll go with that... I just wish I knew what it was a percentage of... I did wonder if it was alcoholic proof... but I think that just shows how little I know about booze.

  19. Football or soccer? You know, in some places in the world, those are the exact same thing... I could care less either way really.

  20. Lands End or L.L. Bean? Again... could care less since I don't know what the hell either of them are (other than, I assume, clothing stores).
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Tom said...

Eddy has a blog?! Thought that was top secret! LOL!

I did some research... Shoo-fly pie is apparently some sort of Treacle Tart. Which just adds to the confusion!

yaniboy said...

See, and here I thought it was some reference to cow manure...

And shhhhh... don't tell anyone about Eddy's blog... coz then he'll have to hunt you down and hurt you :P


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