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Monday, February 13, 2006

pink 2006Okay... this single colour Monday Montage thing is now officially a series... first Red then Yellow, now Pink. Only a couple of these are new shots though, the others are just randomly took during my walks. Technically I'm a big liar, because I knew this was going to be a series back at Yellow, and since I now have three other colours already finished...

And given tomorrow's date, the choice of pink actually wasn't intentional in the slightest... especially since I'd planned originally to post this LAST Monday.

Speaking of tomorrow, it's also the first Camera Club competition for the year, so I picked out the entries I'm going to use yesterday, I just need to print up all the stickers and paperwork and stuff, hopefully sometime today.

Given all my soreness from Saturday's adventures, I wasn't really looking forward to my walk this morning, although once I was out there doing it, it actually wasn't a problem... I realised why partway into it... all the muscles that are sore, in my legs anyway, are my "stair climbing muscles", not my "flat ground walking muscles", which makes a big difference... unfortunately it also means that my walk didn't really loosen up all the tightness in the first group... so I'm still sore.

On my regular Sunday walk to get lunch at the 7-day supermarket, well actually AT the supermarket, rather than on the walk to it... where was I... oh yeah... at the supermarket yesterday I was standing at the register waiting to pay, when I was confronted with an excessive amount of German Tourist Buttcrack... the guy in front of me was said tourist, and fortunately he was kinda cute, but his jeans were riding a little too low for his own good and he kept bending over... first to put his shopping basket away, then to pick it up again, then to sign his credit card slip thing, and his buttcrack was pretty much on display the whole time... and even when he was standing actually, because his pants had slipped down a little and the back of his top was folded up on itself. It was kind of half way between interesting and me wanting to just say "dude, seriously, pull up your pants!"...

While I was in the supermarket, I was grabbing the Sunday paper and took a quick look at the ex-rental DVD's they have and spotted the 2 disc edition of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory for $14.95... and of course, because it scored a 9 on my "yani rating", I had to get it. Especially since it's still much more expensive in the shops. On the downside, when I got home and was leafing through the TV Guide that comes in the paper, I noticed on the DVD review page that there is now a DELUXE 2 disc edition... bugger, bugger, bugger... of course if the only addition is an audio commentary by Tim Burton, I think I can pass, because that man, while a visual storytelling genius, gives really shitty commentary.

Also in the TV Guide was a "review" for the first Australian season of The Biggest Loser... now, given the way that Network Ten has been saturating every single ad break with ads for the show I'm kinda turned off watching it (and probably wouldn't watch it from the beginning anyway... I prefer to wait until the annoying and/or whiney participants have been booted off), but this "review" by either Phillip Koch (who also happens to be the guide's editor) or Richard Clune was seriously offensive, childish and totally unnecessary. Technically I should have stopped reading it at the end of the first sentence when I got to the phrase "roly-poly types". But no, I kept reading and ended up really pissed off at it. It's yet another local version of a reality show, so I don't really expect the "critics" to love it, but I also don't expect childish namecalling... I mean, the "review" actually used the term "fatties" when a review of any other show would have used the word "participants" or "contestants". I did think about emailing the paper to tell them exactly what I thought, but we all know that I won't, so I'll just bitch about it here instead. Phillip and Richard... you're both dicks!

While I'm on the teevee front, I watched the last two episodes of Carnivàle last night... the last two episodes ever... which just goes to show that teevee executives don't know what the hell they're doing, because they canned the planned six season show after two seasons... which of course leaves the story hanging way up in the air. And it's even more of a shit because I never got to see the first season... it was on at the same time last year's Big Brother, well, the eviction shows anyway, so I never saw it. I got totally hooked into it from day one during the second season though, and I'm kinda pissy that there isn't going to be any more.

And on top off all of that, my sofa still isn't back... I called them on Friday just to find out what was what, and because it had to go back to the manufacturer, I won't get it back much before Wednesday or Thursday this week at the earliest (since they only deliver back to Le Cornu on Tuesday)... but the woman I spoke to, Sharon, I think, said she would call me as soon as they get my sofa back.

Current Mood: still sore, but better


Joe,  Tuesday, February 14, 2006 12:48:00 am  

As a gay man I like dicks. I think your choice of expletives to describe the "critics" is not quite correct. Perhaps twat?

marcus,  Tuesday, February 14, 2006 9:00:00 pm  

funny dude,


yaniboy Wednesday, February 15, 2006 10:21:00 pm  

I'm thinking "cocksnap"... I heard it on teevee tonight and I think it's got a nice ring to it...

A pair of cocksnaps...

You're such a cocksnap...

What a little cocksnap...

Yeah, that works...

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