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decorator's nightmare

Saturday, October 22, 2005

obscene interiorsVia The Great Cock Hunt comes this gem about a book called Obscene Interiors...

Like Alex, I'll let the book speak for itself...

"Obscene Interiors is a collection of online male personal ad photos and my critique of the naive interior design exposed in these pictures. (No need to shield your virginal eyes, the often-nude figures have been laboriously obscured.)"

What's real scary is actually recognising a couple of the pictures, even sans figure (or knowing that you've seen other pictures of the same person)... even so, this book is definately on my Christmas list now!

lurid digsAlso worth a mention is Lurid Digs, which does pretty much the same thing, but leaves the (mostly) naked men in the shots (which sometimes is good, like our tighty whitey wearing friend on the right, and sometimes its very, very bad).

You also get four opinions instead of one... which means four times the sarcasm (and what's not to love about making fun of other people's (lack of) taste!).

It also goes to prove that just because you're gay (or just like showing off your doodle to the world) doesn't mean you're automatically Nate Berkus. It also makes me look at selfporn pics VERY differently...

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