general weirdness

I opened my wardrobe door this morning to find this kinda average sized spider sitting on the shoulder of one of my shirts. Spiders don't really freak me out, at least not the average to small variety ones, so I was about to lift it out of the wardobe when I figured I could take a picture of it (it was sort of pretty in that small eight-legged kind of way). I grabbed my camera, came back to the wardobe and... no spider... dammit!

I then had to take about four of five things out of the wardrobe and shake them before the spider fell out and legged it across the floor. So there I am, a handful of hangers in one hand, camera in the other, trying to switch the camera to macro mode so that I can then find the spider to take it's photo....

Surprisingly enough I didn't end up with a photo... just a dead spider after I squished it. Probably doesn't do my karma any good though.

In other news...

I think the walking is working... I've been wearing a pair of jeans the last couple of days that I've had for a while but are pretty much brand new because I hadn't worn them since they were too tight when I was sitting down in them. But hey... sitting down all over the place and they fit fine... WOOHOOO!

I've added two extra blocks to my walk... after screwing it up on Tuesday, I did manage to not only go for a walk on Wednesday afternoon during a break in the rain, but added on the extra blocks properly. And they're mostly inclined, so it definately adds to the workout.

Also my stalker called again last night... I figured that was who it was (since nobody else with their number withheld would call me at that time of night), so I let it go to voicemail again. What's really annoying is that this person obviously knows who I am... knows what I look like... and I now know that they know I'm a photographer. I think if I could actually work out who is was then I would be able to ignore it better.

It doesn't help because I don't think the person calling is the "mastermind" behind the calls... I'm sure it's somebody's faghag... but it could be any one of several different people. Top of the list at the moment is J's ex (since he hates me)... although that was partly because I thought these calls were lining up with uni semester breaks (which would mean he was theoretically back in Adelaide), but it looks like that's not the case... so I'm pretty much stumped.

Stoopid stalker.

Current Mood: conflicted


Sunshine said...

I love tight jeans - and Sam keeps stretching mine when he borrows them!!

yaniboy said...

Yes, but you're a teeny tiny person... and on you tight jeans would be good... doesn't work so well when you're me... it's just uncomfortable.


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