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Man, what a day... Mum needed to get an "After-Five" outfit for this wedding she's going to, and like the good gay son I am, I had to go along to be Fashion Advisor/Police.

We left my place just after 9am, had breakfast at Gloria Jeans (where there was a VERY cute barista... tall, very skinny, very cute)... and we ended up wandering through every appropriate womenswear store (and a couple that were slightly less appropriate) in town for about five hours... and did we find ANYTHING suitable she could even try on? Hell no! Not a damn thing.

Well, okay, that's not completely true... there was this one thing we did find that we both fell instantly in love with... a sheer, floaty top in these really pretty pink tones from David Jones. It's hard to describe, but it was stunning... it was also about $500. Gorgeous, but less good.

So in the end, we decided she could wear an existing black outfit (or a new variation on the same theme) with this pretty quasi-Indian apple green silk scarf/wrap thing I bought her a few years ago, with a bunch of new accessories from Diva. One green Indian bangle set, big silver hoop earrings and a long string of green beads with silver chain later we were pretty much done.

We did wander around looking at shoes, but getting my mother to make any kind of decision about shoes is sometimes slightly less fun than pulling out teeth with rusty plyers, so she can find a pair of those on her own... she just needs something strappy and sandley and possibly with sparkly bits.

I'm kind of glad that I've been doing my daily walks, I think I would have been in a much worse state tonight if I hadn't been, and my legs are sore enough right now... on the downside, I did about the same amount of walking today that I usually do in a whole week, just a little more stop-start-stop today.

So that was my day... exhausting and vaguely frustrating... not that we didn't have fun, we always have fun... I just wish we'd been able to find her something...

And Daylight Savings starts tonight... the clocks go forward which means we lose an hour of sleep... also means it will be a few days before my body kicks in and I'm able to do my walk at 7am. Fun, fun...

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