random underwear hotness

Normally I find my Random Hotness entry during the week and file it away for Thursday, but today I had nothing, so I went on a hunt through my photography links.

I still ended up with nothing, so I kinda gave up and went flicking through my blogroll... and found a post on monotonous dot net about underwear which ended up leading me back to Ginch Gonch which was featured in the first ever Random Hotness thanks to their very hot model Kolten.

Well, they have a new model, Tym, and DAMN! I've been having a thing for curly haired guys for a while now... and, well... DAMN!

tym in star big bang briefstym in woodies sportbriefs

Current Mood: mmmmmm hotness


Donnie said...

Mmmm...very nice!

GreerM said...

The random hotness always brightens my week. And today's. . .well Yummy!!


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