yaniboy needs meme

Okay... this is highly amusing... I "stole" this from Jevyeddy, who in turn stole it from Larry...

You type your name and the word "needs" into google to find what you need. It works best if you put the whole thing in quotes.

So here goes....

  1. yaniboy needs about $400000 set aside now to cover his future needs
  2. yaniboy needs an Old Man's Cane
  3. yaniboy needs to record the stocking of pond P 7
  4. yaniboy needs a wife merely to secure his fortune
  5. yaniboy needs to finish at least 2nd of the Suspects to keep his chances alive
  6. yaniboy needs to start wearing NIN shirts
  7. yaniboy needs to be advised to keep all sharp objects away from Rebecca
  8. yaniboy needs to wash his mouth out with soap after that one
  9. yaniboy needs to earn at least $160 for the trip
  10. yaniboy needs your financial support to make this campaign a reality
It's kinda scary that nearly half of them concern money in some way... And no... I didn't really search on "yaniboy"...

Current Mood: amused

1 comment:

GreerM said...

Seems my "needs" are quite weird, in an amusing sort of way. You should check them out.


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