weird stuff

awww crapWhy is it that everything always happens all at once... yesterday, nothing, I pretty much lost the whole day... today everything has been happening... okay, so not everything... but stuff... weird stuff...

It started this morning on my walk when I was nearly given a heart attack by a six foot doberman... I'm not kidding, I was busy looking at the nature strip between the footpath and the road and something caught my eye on the house side of the path, so I looked back and I'm staring eye to eye with a doberman.

Stupid dog was standing up on its hind legs and leaning on the waist heigh fence staring at me. It didn't bark, it didn't woof, it just got down after giving me the heart attack and trotted alongside me inside the front yard.

Next I was chatting with a potential model for my photography and first off he suggested doing a shoot this afternoon, which I wasn't so hot on because the weather was very, very overcast and it didn't look that great (of course NOW the sun in blue, the sun is really warm and the birds are singing their stupid feathered heads off)... so he suggested meeting up for coffee and a chat about photography etc. He's a nice guy, but he's a little too "PC third millenium" (which kind of translates to the new age version of the hippie "peace, love and mung beans")... and terribly, terribly earnest. Cute face, nice guy... but yeah... a little too "self help guru" for my tastes.

Then, the kicker came when I got home... as I was taking my CD out of the player in the car I happened to look at the rego sticker (registration for my American readers... Australians tend to shorten everything and stick an 'O' on the end... rego, arvo, metho, servo, agro, garbo, lino... stuff like that) and thought to myself, "Hmmm... 8... that's weird... I don't remember putting a new sticker on in August."

So I got out of the car, went around and looked at the sticker (see... picture up there on the right)... August 2005... so very muchly not good... but I couldn't remember getting the paperwork. I do remember that Mum helped with the financing and whatever, and had a vague thought that maybe the rego was in her name (yeah, I know, big lamo... shut up)... so I called her and said "Ummm... what the?" and she swore she paid it, and as she's talking to me she goes out to take a look at her car, the rego on which is due in February... only to see an August sticker on it. She'd only paid MY rego and stuck the sticker on HER car!

So fortunately my car is registered, I just don't have the sticker on my car. Plus I haven't been driving the car much of late, what with the combination of the price of petrol and the not really going anywhere, in my car at any rate.

And then to top it all off, I just got ANOTHER message from a guy asking about doing a photoshoot right this minute... I think this guy has messaged me on at least one previous occasion, and then seems to disappear. Sent him back a message with all the appropriate information in it, and we'll see what happens.

Good god... five minutes of warm weather (and the promise of more on the way) and they all come crawling out of the woodwork.

Current Mood: perplexed


Mark Selan said...

yes, yes all well and good. took photos, went for a walk, interesting interesting.

but are you going to have lunch with your old work pals?

oh- and how did you get the kewl word verification thingy?

yaniboy said...

When I have something more interesting to tell them than "took photos, went for a walk"....

And the verification thingy is a standard Blogger option... Under Comments in the Settings section... and I haven't had a single bit of spam (unless you count your message :P) since.


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