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portraiture comp entriesTonight was the Eric Robertson Trophy for Portraiture at the Camera Club, and its one of the special competitions that I really, really, really want to win. My first year with the club I was in the final two for the trophy, and I was beat out by the guy I actually considered to be one of the club's portrait grandmasters, so I didn't feel too bad.

We had one of our infrequent female judges, and I was actually glad I was doing the "Image Movement Technician" job (ie taking the prints from the display racks up to the front to be put up for judging... I made the name up... obviously)... she was just going on and on and on and on... and not being overly concise, and in some instances making less sense than she could have been, plus repeating herself over and over. If I'd had to sit and listen to her I may have gone completely insane... as it was I just got to roll my eyes a lot.

I didn't do too badly overall, a 9 (Shy Boy, top left), an 8 (Modern Classic, top right) and a 7 (Sam, bottom), but unfortunately, in this competition, all that matters is getting a 10 and the vote of the judge. In this instance there was only one 10, so it got the trophy.

The shot that I thought should have won only scored a 7... that's two judges who have scored it lower than I think it should be scored, its this amazing black&white shot of this young (I'm guessing) Peruvian boy with a fuzzy hat, and its just amazing.

Three of us did something we don't seem to have done in a while, went off to have coffee and have a winge about the judge and just talk about photography in general. It was fun, we talk a load of crap, but its usually a laugh.

We also ended up talking quite a bit about the Annual Exhibition, which is coming up in December, but we have until the beginning of November to put shots in for it. I need to go through my stuff sometime soon and work out exactly what I'm going to put in... as well as the three shots for the Digital competition in November... Hmmm... need to get thinking on both of those...

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