Okay, part two of the photos from my walk today... some of my favourite houses...

roman frieze houseThis is the "Roman Frieze" house... because of the tile mosaic thing on the front of the house.

I may need to get a closer/clearer shot of the mosaic, because its pretty damn cool. I really really like this place, and I actually have a shot from way back when (the second roll of film from the camera I bought myself back in 2000... wow... was it only five years ago... seems like 500 thousand years).

And it was interesting to see that the current owners have kicked the crap out of the place, the garden has been completely replaced, the front has been painted dark grey and parts have been given a slate facade. All in all it looks pretty damn hot.

french bank houseNext we have what I'm calling the "French Bank" house... I don't know why, it just looks all French and kinda bank-like... or possibly an upscale jewellery store.

Technically houses like these are completely and totally wrong for the Australian climate, since they don't have verandas and that means the sides of the building heat up, blah blah blah... but I have to admit, I'm really addicted to this "flat box" style... And there is something about the French Bank house. I'm not sure I would want to live there... not without a paid gardener (hello, topiary!)... but its still very cool.

blocko socko houseLastly this is just a partial of the "Blocko Socko House"... Its all quasi-post-modern squares and angles, and like I said above I like this whole block style. I actually ended up putting the camera on top of the wall that surrounds this place and got a better shot than I'd intended of the front of the house, which is a lot less pretty than this upstairs corner detail thing.

But I'm all about the details, so that's cool.

I also like the silver can/chimney/tinman thing stuck to the side of the house... no idea what it is or what its for (although looking more closely at the other pics I took, I think it might be some kind of guttering system thing), but its cute.

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