camera club time again

september's entriesYep, that time of the month again... time for the monthly Camera Club competition...

And this month I did a lot better than last month, which is always a bonus. Granted, this month the judge still had all his own teeth and most of his original hair colour...

I only entered the "Open" section of the comp, since the "Set Subject" was Tools of the Trade and I didn't have a single thing for it... although afterwards I did wonder about the naughty things I could have entered under heading such as Porn Star's Tool and other suggestive titles. But I only thought about it when I was already at the club, so... nevermind.

But my scores, a 9 and two 8's, wasn't bad. Dryad (bottom left) got the 9, while Golden (top right) and Stretch (bottom center) scored the 8's. The judge also made some actually useful comments about both the latter two images, so I may have to re-edit them and see if he was right.

Both Couch (top left) and Kitchen (bottom right) were a little too "blatent" for the judge, as I kind of expected they might be, given the general overall age of our judges, but I wasn't too put out... even though they both got a 6, I can resubmit them in another contest, so back into the "To Be Entered" folder they go.

Although this judge was a little too focused on the "saleability" of some of the images, that being his actual day job, working in a photographic store, I can't complain too much, and I'm actually pretty pleased with my overall scores.

Next month's contest is one of our "special" comps, all portraiture, which is kinda my thing, so I'll have to look through my stuff and see what I have. Unfortunately with the special comps, its a reduced number of shots, so I can only pick out 3 images. We'll see...

I'm also kind of excited about the special November 29 comp, since its a unique one, being "Digitally Projected Images", which means I can submit a bunch of stuff I've tweaked around in Photoshop, but never been able to sumbit to the club due to its size or quality or whatever. I already have 1 shot picked out, one that I worked my brains out on, but did it at a small size. Then I have to find 2 others. Not sure what they're going to be yet, but picking them out should be fun.

After that its only a hop, skip and a jump to the Annual Exhibition... got the entry form for that too tonight... so I have to make some choices about what I put in there too. Course, I don't know what anything will quite equal my first Annual Exhibition, where I took out, not only the Top Monochrome Print, but also the brand new category of Top Classic Portrait.

Now, that was a fun night.

And now I kinda feel like I'm bragging... hehehe.

Current Mood: tired, but happy

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GreerM said...

Excellent Work. I personally like Dryad the best!! Keep up the great work. Would love to seem more.


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