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Why does the week before something good happens (or in this case the week before the week that something good happens) always go SO SLOWLY?

Also it doesn't help that I don't really have any major projects on the go at work currently, so I'm kinda just doing little bits of things here and there, so time just seems to be standing still.

But I've kinda spent the whole week just wanting it to be the weekend. Firstly because that means that it's only a week until Christmas (and because I'm only working for four days next week woohoo). And because Sunday is Christmas Goodie Making Day which will be a mammoth day, but I always love the end results (actually moreso the reactions of other people than the goodies themselves... I don't really end up eating all that many of them).

I've also got a movie preview to go to on Saturday, which looks like it could be an actual, proper, not advertised to the public, your name is on the door, movie preview... which is more than a little bit freaky. But it appears that these things happen if you blog about movies... I just never expect them to happen to me.

And then, thankfully, Monday evening I'm having my pre-Christmas haircut because I'm starting to look like a yeti.

This week, or more specifically the last couple of days, has had it's moments though...

The Burger Theory truck came to Victoria Square yesterday, so I was finally able to drag people from work down to have their first Burger Theory Experience. And everybody agreed that they were pretty damn awesome.

I wore a lot of red today... red polo, red Aussiebums, red Cons, red bag... very, very red. I'm not sure there's any significance to that, but I only really realised it halfway through the morning that everything was so red.

I spent a chunk of this afternoon looking at naked girl boobies in the Suicide Girls coffee table book Rockchick bought for her girlfriend for Christmas. Then I put the ribbon on the present that Sugarmonkey bought and wrapped for Mrs Sugarmonkey (we won't talk about the wrapping)... he tried it and I was just like "give me that... I can't let that leave here looking like that"... I mean there's Family Honour to think of!

Then when work was done I wandered down to the Mall to kill some time before the Espionage Gallery Christmas Arts Market.

I picked up the replacement ticket for the Fringe show that I screwed up when I was ordering originally... and thankfully Rockchick has taken the incorrect ticket off my hands.

Then I went looking for anywhere with airconditioning to hang out until the gallery opened. That led to me buying two copies of Macbeth... one a normal (if very cheap) version, the other a manga graphic novel.

The cheap copy I bought from one of those dodgy cheap ass bookshops... but it's currently using the old Borders site... and it was weird, being in that store, surrounded by books, surrounded by a lot of the Borders fixtures and fittings (and possibly some of their old stock, although I couldn't say for sure)... but it wasn't Borders. It's like going back to look at the outside of a house you used to live in and finding the lawn is all dead and there's a car with no tires on blocks in the driveway.

The art market was about what I expected given the size of the space, but it was cool to check it out... and I did end up buying Ma a pendant and earrings which were a little pricey, but very beautiful.

And I showed gallery owner Joshua the eye bird stickers I'd had printed, and he asked if he could have one... which I'm taking as a pretty massive compliment! Fortunately I have a lot of them and three variations, so I gave him one of each.

All that, and I still managed to make it back to my drycleaner literally minutes before they closed... so a good afternoon really.

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