ma's presents 2011

ma's presents 2011It hasn't really been a great evening... I feel like crap, I can't find the charger for my digital camera battery... but mostly everything is just really, really difficult because I feel like crap.

So it took me longer than usual to wrap all of Ma's presents. And the before and after photos are a bit shit...

And I just found the battery charger... because I always think that's it's white when it's actually black, so even though I probably looked at it about a dozen times tonight, I didn't see it.

Anyway... Ma's presents are wrapped...

And it seems like the "one bag, many tissue paper wrapped items" has turned into a thing... which is fine, it's easier to load the car with them, and they take up less space in the house.

So here's the list... I'm going to bed...
  • Jewellery
    • Feminique Necklace
    • Silver Lovelinks beads x 4
    • Sailing ship brooch
    • Claire Ishino pendant and earrings
  • Snowmen
    • Sam Evans snowman post-it original
    • Hallmark Keepsake snowman ornament
    • Snowman pen
    • Springy snowman pen
    • Special Mum snowman bell
    • Jim Shore Heartwood Creek snowman bell
  • Seahorses
    • Seahorse table runner
    • Seahorse pencil
    • Three seahorse ornaments (glass, wire and bedazzled)
    • Silver hanging seahorse
    • Seahorse penny magnet
  • Jingle G Harajuku Lovers Wicked Style perfume
  • Mini Harajuku Lovers perfume set
  • Rupert card
  • BCE Draws Japanese shrine print
  • iTunes card
  • Musical treble clef keyring
  • White Anglicare Hope tree ornament
  • Duology 2012 Calendar
  • Owl bag
  • Joe Ledbetter Chinese Zodiac Pig
  • Lunartik Cup of Tea Mint
  • Cherry Cranberry Pistachio Nougat
  • Terry's Chocolate Orange Segsations
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