pre-tree shopping saturday

santabuttThere are always two Saturdays in December that are usually a total write-off... the first is the Saturday before we put up the Christmas tree, the other is the Saturday before we make goodies.

Today is pre-tree.

So Ma probably wouldn't have come down at all today, but she has her work Christmas party at the Casino tonight, so she came down later this afternoon.

I still wasn't feeling that crash hot when I got up this morning... but it's more that "I've been sick and my nose is dry and I generally feel a bit ick still" rather than getting worse.  Although I did sneeze a lot this morning.

Because I'd dragged the printer out from under the bed last night to print up Ma and La Cousina's calendars I noticed when I was making my bed with the red and green bedding I mentioned yesterday that one of the struts under the bed was broken.  Either that or I broke it when I put my foot on it while I was making the bed.  But it more felt like it gave way rather than feeling like I broke it right at that moment.  Hopefully I can just buy a replacement at Ikea.

So between all that and putting away the last of the boxes my toy soldiers had been in, I wasn't really in any great hurry this morning, so it was just before 9am that I got down to the supermarket.

I swear that the girl at Baker's Delight is going to get a slap very shortly though.  The whole place has changed hands and the girl we always used to see was the owner's daughter... her replacement obviously has her retail script in her head and just won't let it go.  Seriously, don't ask me how my day has been first thing in the morning... there hasn't been enough day for anything to happen, and you're not really interested in what I'm doing for the rest of the day, so shut up and sell me bread.

The rest of the shopping expedition was fairly average, but after I left the supermarket I called into Officeworks to get some new printer cartridges and some of the Canon paper I'd already printed most of La Cousina's calendar on.

The cartridges were easy enough, but there wasn't any Canon paper anywhere... and when I asked they said that it was all showing up on their system as discontinued.

Arrggghhhh!  Why is it that every time I really like something, they discontinue it?  Okay, that's a massive over-exaggeration, but still.

When I got home, I checked online for the paper and Dick Smith's website said they had some in the city, but when I called they didn't... so in a moment of lateral thinking, I tried the one near Ma's place and it turned out they had one, so I got them to put it to one side and asked Ma to pick it up for me before she came down.

But it seemed as though they really had discontinued the paper everywhere... I couldn't even find any reference to paper at all on the Canon website.

I decided to head down to Arndale on the off-chance that someone down there had it, which turned out to be a good plan... I'd forgotten that there was a Dick Smith store down there, and they had three packs of the paper, so I snapped them all up.

Then I headed back here and managed to print out the cover of La Cousina's calendar and all of Ma's calendar even though the printer was saying it was out of magenta ink.

calendars 2012 - duology and pink
They look a bit spiffy, even if I do say so myself...

Not long after I was finished printing them up, Ma arrived, bringing the last of my Christmas decorations... the largest of my toy soldiers, my neon Christmas tree, my perspex reindeer and the tin toy soldier I'd actually totally forgotten about.

Plus my pink tinsel tree for my desk at work.

Ma wanted to go into the city to return one of the books we bought last weekend since it turned out she'd bought one from a later part of the series, even though it was labelled as number one (bloody young adult fiction).

And that was pretty much all we did in the city... it was too full of stupid people getting in the way of everything, and neither of us needed to do any extra shopping anyway.

So we just ended up back here and doodled around on our respective computers until it was time to take Ma to the casino.

Not an overly exciting day, but given that tomorrow will be all about the Christmas tree, that's not a bad thing.

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