unconscious mutterings 462

Let's see... what happened today...

  • Set up the work Christmas tree... although I wasn't really bothered after having put the tree up at Ma's yesterday
  • The big bus I got on to go home stalled in the middle of the road, so I jumped off and got on the one behind us, only to find the stalled bus had miraculously fixed itself...
  • I received my Stickygram magnets... darker that I was expecting, but they look great
  • Drove to Officeworks after work to get Ma and La Cousina's calendars bound... the sweet beardy boy at the print counter did them while I waited even though there were a bunch of people behind me

Unconscious Mutterings...
  1. Flannel :: Shirt
  2. Chairs :: Bentwood
  3. Sporadic :: Occasional
  4. Difficult :: Customers
  5. Amusing :: Anecdote
  6. Collapse :: Bridge
  7. Hurtful:: Comments
  8. Thump :: Hit
  9. Frugal :: Cheap
  10. Collectibles :: Toys
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Mind Of Mine said...

I have done that so many times, get off a broken down bus, get on the next one and then sit and watch as it drives past us!


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