photo friday: christmas friday

christmas drummer reindeer with a passenger
contemplative camel seven swans a swimming
Ahhh... the David Jones Christmas windows in Sydney... I especially love the little mice...

Taking today off was a very excellent idea. I know tomorrow is Saturday and I would have had it off anyway, but it was good to just unwind today.

I got to sleep in (bliss)... then went to the supermarket and did my grocery shopping (I figured it would be less busy this morning than tomorrow morning when everyone will be trying to get an early start).

After I was done with groceries I went into Target just to have a quick look around, not with the intention of buying anything. I spent $75 and came out with two bags full of stuff. But pretty much everything was on special, so I saved money too.

Ma is going to kill me though because I bought five rolls of wrapping paper and a box full of bags... and she always claims we don't need any more of either... however I contend that while we have a large quantity of items, the quality of a lot of them is kinda shit.

And then I drove home... and it was only 9:30... which is pretty good considering I got there at about 8:30.

I'd actually done some tidying up before I went to the supermarket, but once I got home I put the shopping away and finished tidying up while watching a bunch of Dilbert episode.

Then I had very quick "sex" with a guy with very short equipment who shot like a firehose.

And I've spent the rest of the day chilling out, watching movies, eat some of the vast amount of chocolate I've been given during this week and really that's about it.

A very great pre Christmas day off!

I just have no idea what the hell I'm going to do with tomorrow...

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